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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Optimize Plant Asset Effectiveness

InsightSuite®AE InsightSuiteAE is service solutions for monitoring, diagnosing and optimizing your plant asset and helps improve the productivity of your plant assets.

We can detect problems at an early stage and put forth proposals that show you the way forward to achieving concrete improvements. We make it possible for you to slash your plant asset operating and maintenance costs while reducing both energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The following three steps have proven effective in optimizing the efficiency of plant assets. Choose any one of these steps, depending on the condition of your plant assets, as your entry point for using our state-of-the-art diagnostics and services.

Step1: Field Digital Device Diagnostics

Isn't it time for a more efficient maintenance approach using field digital technology?

  • Yokogawa's field digital device diagnostics show how to eliminate the root causes of inaccuracy in measurement and control.
  • The monitoring of the conditions of all your field devices enables a condition-based maintenance (CBM) approach.

Step2: Control Valve and Control Loop Diagnostics

Have you been looking for a more effective approach to control valve and control loop maintenance?

  • Our control loop and control valve diagnostics help address problems that destabilize measurement and control.
  • An effective alarm management system ensures that the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time so that proactive maintenance steps can be taken.

Step3: Asset Performance Diagnostics

Why not consider a new maintenance approach that saves energy and reduces your lifecycle costs?

  • We use sophisticated diagnostics to analyze your assets and propose an optimal maintenance approach that will help reduce your energy consumption.
  • We identify how efficiently your plant is using energy and show you a maintenance approach that will improve productivity.

Free Plant Analysis

“Profit Finder” is an easy-to-use tool for Free Plant Analysis.