In-Vehicle Environmental Testing and Data Measurement

The SMARTDAC+ GM is used extensively for data acquisition in various kinds of conveyance equipment including automobiles, industrial vehicles, in-plant vehicles, ocean shipping vessels, and automated materials handling systems. In addition to being compact and not requiring a PC for data acquisition, the SMARTDAC+ GM can be run under DC power and be operated under harsh conditions (-20° to 60°).

  • Easy to carry since PC not required for measurement
  • Stands up to harsh temperatures: Operating temperature range of -20° to 60°
Operating temperature range   Can be run under DC or AC power
Operating temperature range of -20° to 60°   Can be run under DC power during measurement

Zugehörige Produkte & Lösungen

Modularer GM10

Für Industrie- und Laboranwendungen bietet der GM10 kabellose Bluetooth-Verbindungen und modulare I/O für präzise und zuverlässige Messungen.


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