The Innovation Center's Narrative

October 3, 2022

Introduction: What is a Narrative?


lampIn research and development, co-creation with external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers is essential to explore business opportunities for an uncertain and unpredictable future. With this in mind, Yokogawa decided to present a narrative of the future blueprint as a catalyst for co-creation. Based on the future scenario*1, we defined the relationship between Yokogawa's future scenario, the "Three goals," and ESG (environment, society, and governance), identified the trends and issues behind the scenario, and extracted specific social issues by interweaving the will of the researchers. The R&D department examines what Yokogawa can contribute to the social issues extracted from the future scenarios, and creates a narrative of the future that we are aiming for.


*1 Yokogawa has launched the "Future Co-Creation Initiative" to foster next-generation leaders who understand the ever-changing world, create new value, solve important social issues, and build co-creative external networks. Yokogawa employees in their mid-20s to early 40s, who are selected from across divisions, form a diverse team to draw future scenarios with free ideas and co-creative perspectives born through dialogue with our many customers and partners.

  • Food for Well-being

    Yokogawa has set this as one of its "Three Goals," a set of sustainability goals for the year 2050.
    Toward this goal, Yokogawa has drawn a scenario for the future that opens the door to well-being of food society.