Vol.53 No.1 (2010)

Yokogawa periodically publishes the Yokogawa Technical Report, which contains articles that take a detailed look at the technologies employed in Yokogawa's products. At this site you will find links to all of the reports that have been published since 1997 as well as links to PDF files containing the full text of selected articles from each issue.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Preservation Special Issue

The Role of Industry in Achieving a Low-carbon Society

  • Shuzo Kaihori*1

*1:President & CEO

Yokogawa's Contribution to Industrial Infrastructure for a Sustainable Society

  • Teruyoshi Minaki*1

*1:Executive Vice President, Chief Green Officer,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters

Global warming is causing sea levels to rise and abnormal weather patterns. Humankind is also facing other serious problems including the depletion of fossil fuels, forests, water, and food, and must reduce the use of hazardous chemicals for the sake of humans and the natural environment. To solve these problems and achieve a sustainable society, people around the world must work together immediately to conserve energy and preserve the environment. This paper describes the global situation relating to these difficulties, and Yokogawa's efforts to solve the problems. Yokogawa's products and solutions are also outlined.

Energy-saving Solutions by Advanced Process Control (APC) Technology

  • Hiroshi Wakasugi*1
  • Kazuo Sueyoshi*1

*1:Production Excellence Solutions Div.,Global Business Headquarters

Equipment for continuous processes such as petroleum refining consumes much energy, and various energy-saving activities have been carried out. In recent years, energy conservation is attracting attention globally as a solution for environmental issues. Advanced process control (APC) is one technology which has been greatly contributing to energy conservation. This report describes Yokogawa's activities relating to APC and its applications.

Energy-saving Solution by BTG Optimal Control

  • Yoshinori Urasawa*1
  • Yukio Innami*1
  • Masao Mizuuchi*2

*1:Green Factory Solutions Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters
*2:Sales Engineering Div.,Solutions Business Headquarters

In order to reduce operating costs, factories consuming large amounts of energy use boiler, turbine, and generator (BTG) systems to generate and distribute electricity and steam powered by commercial fuel and energy recovered in their premises. Because a BTG plant deals with huge amounts of energy, there is much room for improving energy-saving efficiency. This paper describes an application of optimal balance control for electric power and steam in BTG plants and its features. This control was achieved with Yokogawa's Exasmoc multivariable model predictive control package.

Optimum Combustion Control by TDLS200 Tunable Diode Laser Gas Analyzer

  • Yoshitaka Yuki*1
  • Akihiro Murata*2

*1:Field Instruments Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters
*2:Analytical Products Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters

The TDLS200 laser gas analyzer, which is based on tunable diode laser spectroscopy, is a new generation of process analyzer. Characterized by high selectivity and long-term stability, it offers fast in-situ analysis of high-temperature or corrosive gas. This paper introduces the TDLS200's real-time measurement of carbon monoxide in a furnace, its application for optimizing combustion control in the furnace, and its contribution to environmental preservation.

Enerize E3 Factory Energy Management System
- For Visualizing the Energy Key Performance Indicator and Achieving Optimal Energy Efficiency -

  • Katsutomo Tanaka*1
  • Hiroshi Watanabe*1
  • Akira Endou*1

*1:Green Factory Solutions Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters

The Enerize E3 factory energy management system is the first system in the industry to succeed in visualizing the energy key performance indicator (KPI). This makes it possible to standardize energy management and encourage all members in a factory to participate in energy-saving activities. The system is built by modeling energy supplying utility equipment, and energy-consuming and production equipment. This paper reports its development and features.

Econo-Pilot HSP Energy-saving System for Heat Source Water Pumps
- Reducing Electricity Consumption and CO2 Emission in the Pump -

  • Tetsushi Onishi*1
  • Hideki Miura*1
  • Satoshi Kobayashi*2

*1:Green Factory Solutions Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters
*2:Systems Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters

In the lineup of Econo-Pilot energy-saving system for water pumps, Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released Econo-Pilot HSP for heat source water pumps. This paper introduces its functions, energy-saving effect, and so on.

Establishing an Environmental Load Management System for Factories
- A Case Study of Introducing Enerize at Mercian's Yatsushiro Factory -

  • Takane Misawa*1
  • Masao Yanagimori*2
  • Satoru Isobe*3

*1:Registered Energy Manager,Production Dept. Production Headquarter, Mercian Corporation
*2:Registered Energy Manager, Facilities Institution Section Yatsushiro Plant, Mercian Corporation
*3:Green Factory Solutions Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters

Mercian Corporation has established an environmental load management system at its Yatsushiro Factory by using Yokogawa's Enerize factory energy management system. The system is intended to manage data not only on energy consumption but also on the environment relating to production activities such as the amount of water consumed in the factory. This paper describes the successful introduction of this system.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Improvement in Hospitals
- ESCO Project at Okinawa Hokubu Hospital -

  • Hideki Kanai*1
  • Hiroshi Takahashi*1

*1:Green Factory Solutions Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters

Environmental preservation is an important corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity as well as financial indicator, not only in industry but also in local governments. This paper reports an example at Okinawa Hokubu Hospital. This hospital introduced the energy service company (ESCO) project and succeeded in reducing expenditure and environmental burden by implementing energy-saving measures while also considering the safety and hygiene of the facilities. In the business model of the ESCO project, service providing companies supply customers with energy-saving equipment, cover the installation cost by reducing utility costs, and create a surplus for customers. This project won the Chairman's Prize, the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (in the support service section in organization category) in the 2009 Energy Conservation Awards sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Using IT to Eliminate Energy Waste in Production Lines
- A Case of Yokogawa's Kofu Factory -

  • Tetsuro Tanaka*1
  • Shozo Kono*1

*1:Kofu Factory Administration Dept.,Yokogawa Manufacturing Corporation

The Kofu factory of Yokogawa Electric Corporation has been working on conserving energy since the 1990s. In October 2009, it won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award in the Green IT Award 2009, which was held by the Green IT Promotion Council. It was commended for introducing an energy conservation management system which, combined with the production management system, visualizes the amount of energy consumed per product while securing quality, delivery time and safety; as well as for ongoing improvement activities, monitoring energy consumption by each line, and everyday electricity control. This paper describes these award-winning energy conservation activities, focusing on changes of CO2 emission, Yokogawa's energy-saving IT products, and introduction of the benefit principle which makes employees more energy-aware.

Yokogawa's Control/Production Systems Contributing to Global Energy Conservation and Environmental Preservation

  • Akira Iwasaki*1
  • Toshiko Kobayashi*1
  • Hiroshi Wakasugi*2
  • Hiroshi Takahashi*3

*1:System Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters
*2:Production Excellence Solutions Div.,Global Business Headquarters
*3:Green Factory Solutions Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters

Yokogawa has been focusing on technologies for energy conservation and environmental preservation since even before the oil crises in the 1970s, and providing excellent products and solutions for industrial or social infrastructures. Thus, Yokogawa has been contributing to energy conservation and environmental preservation by customers through its products and solutions. This paper introduces ever-evolving control/production systems and their effective results, which form the basis of solutions for energy conservation and environmental preservation. Related software products are also described.

Yokogawa's Industrial Measuring Instruments for Energy Conservation and Environmental Preservation

  • Hideyuki Satou*1

*1:Field instruments Business Center,Industrial Automation Business Headquarters

Yokogawa has been improving the efficiency of customers' production for over 90 years since its establishment, by offering measurement, control and information technologies. Yokogawa's various sensors, or industrial measuring instruments to convert physical quantities to electrical signals, can identify changes in the production process precisely and in real-time. Yokogawa also provides data loggers which manage and analyze the fundamental data acquired, and highly-reliable control systems which control customers' production fields efficiently and effectively. This paper introduces Yokogawa's major measuring instruments which are useful for energy conservation and environmental preservation.

Yokogawa's Measuring Technologies for Energy Conservation and Environmental Preservation

  • Masaaki Matsuzaki*1
  • Kazuya Katano*2

*1:Optics and Electronics Test and Measurement Center,Measurement Business Headquarters
*2:Marketing Dept., Measurement Business Headquarters

Greenhouse gases are causing global warming and dramatic climate changes. To tackle serious environmental issues, energy-saving technologies are actively being developed, and the measuring technologies to support them are increasing in importance as well. Yokogawa has a long history of high-precision electric measuring technologies, which help preserve the global environment. This paper introduces these measuring technologies and their specific applications.

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