OpreX Operational Risk Management

Solutions that help companies avoid catastrophic losses and make their businesses more robust by managing safety, health, and environmental risks for specific business processes and the individuals engaged in those processes.

  • Gestion des opérations

    La gestion des opérations, telle qu'elle s'applique à l'industrie de l'automatisation industrielle, est le processus de conception, de visualisation et d'orchestration des systèmes de production et d'affaires de l'usine.

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  • Procedural Automation (Exapilot)

    Procedural Automation (Exapilot) provides a flexible methodology to capture, optimize and retain procedural knowledge in a process plant while meeting requirements in reliability, flexibility, and lifecycle costs.

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  • Field Assistant

    "Field Assistant" is a mobile application for field activities. It assists your daily round, maintenance and operational tasks at field. Recorded data to be merged into "Operations Management system", and can be shared/utilized for further usage.

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