Conductivity Calibration Master meter

High purity water, free of impurities or contamination, is an essential solvent for many industries. In the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices sectors it is a regulated substance vital for the manufacture and use of products and devices. In the power industry it is used for large scale steam generation without damaging high value infra structure such as boiler tubes and turbines.

Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Industry
For Pharmaceutical and Medical purposes the quality of water, as an excipient has been defined by the European Pharmacoepia (EP) as well as the United States Pharmacoepia (USP). In order to ship/sell your product in Europe or the United States of America, you must be able to prove that these requirements are met. For Purified Water and Water for Injection (WFI) the USP defines the following requirements to calibrate the Conductivity Transmitters and Sensors

  • Meter reports uncompensated Conductivity or uncompensated Resistivity.
  • The display resolution is 0.1 μS/cm or better.
  • The meter reads accurate 0.1 μS/cm when a 0.1% precision resistor replaces the sensor (to calibrate/ verify the meter).
  • The sensor cell constant is calibrated/verified to ±2%
  • Temperature accurate to 2°C (effective USP 28)

Power Industry
More than 50% of the unplanned shutdowns in Power plants can be attributed to contaminants present in the Steam and water. Monitoring the quality of water is essential. Conductivity is one of the parameters that is used in for example the circulating water systems, steam, cooling and heat recovery systems etc. 


  • The EXAcalxt is Accurate to 0.37% of Reading for cell constant determination
  • Accredited by Danak with Traceability to DFM Standard
  • Reference Materials SRM
  • simultaneously displayed Compensated and Uncompensated Raw Values and Temperature readings 
  • Lightweight portable for use in the Laboratory or in the Field
  • Robust and high quality materials to ensure long term stability and accuracy
  • Complies with USP28
  • Will calibrate your instruments to comply with EP 169 and USP645
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