• Hírösszefoglalók febr 4, 2021

    Heading for industrial autonomy

    In 2030, two-thirds of the 500 industrial companies surveyed expect to be operating largely autonomously. This is evident from a recently published study by Yokogawa.

  • Hírösszefoglalók dec 13, 2019

    Yokogawa Runner-Up for Deshima Netherlands Awards

    In 2007, as a token of appreciation to the Japanese business community in the Netherlands, Dutch-Japanese Trade Federation DUJAT and the NFIA introduced the biennial Deshima Netherlands Awards for two outstanding Japanese companies in the Netherlands. 

  • Hírösszefoglalók jún 19, 2019

    Co-innovation is the future

    Energy transition, circular economy or industrial digitization. Complex challenges require innovative collaboration.

  • Hírösszefoglalók jún 14, 2019

    Dynamic Bow Tie

    Cyber security to the next level: visualize your security measures, protection layers and security gaps.

  • Hírösszefoglalók jún 14, 2019


    Process simulation platform for improving plant performance and productivity.