Oil Level Measurement of Diesel Tanks


  • Oil level measurement of diesel tanks that feed fuel to their diesel generator's which are at three locations and 400 meters apart from each other.
  • Also to measure level , pressure and flow to and from their main storage yard.


  • The measurement points are almost at the ground level for level measurement however pressure and flow is at a height of over one meter from ground.
  • There are a lot of trees from around in between the measuring locations.
  • The measurement before was just through dip rods and estimation.


  • Correct positioning of repeater at each of the measuring zone at high locations.
  • Positioning of Gateway on top of the storage water tank (which is about 25 meters high from the ground).
  • Positioning 3 transmitters (EJX) for monitoring of level, pressure and flow at each measurement place.


  • Accurate on line level measurement by transmitters instead of using dip rods.
  • Eliminates wiring costs.
  • Robust communication with low packet error rates.



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