e-RT3 Products
  • CPU

    There is a CPU module on which only boot program is implemented.
    Any operating system (OS) which is corresponding to the boot program can be started.

  • Base / Power supply

    We offer four types of base module for 5,9, 13, and 16 slots. Install one power supply module for each base module.

  • Analog Input / Output

    Analog input / output modules provide high-speed conversion, high precision, advanced functionality, and excellent noise immunity. They come with high (16-bit) resolution.

  • e-RT3 Products - Data Acquisition

    Analog data acquisition and analysis modules that deliver high speed and high accuracy. They also include A/D conversion and FFT calculations synchronized with a counter.

  • Temperature

    The module, occupying a single slot, monitors four channels of temperature inputs.
    As input conditions and other data that are needed for temperature monitoring are stored in the module, no parameter setup is required at system startup.



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