Process Safety

Yokogawa provides process safety services to assist plant owners to meet their obligations to comply with the SEVESO III directive. Yokogawa specialised in the IEC 61511 Safety Lifecycle requirements, regardless of the lifecycle stages being examined. Whether it be from the preparation stage through to report finalisation, we work closely with our clients to ensure that all gaps are bridged and the activity is carried out as efficiently and smoothly as possible. The IEC 61511 Safety Lifecycle steps outlined in the detail tab provide an insight into the value that can be provided by partnering with an experienced, certified and established process safety organisation like Yokogawa. Browse through our comprehensive safety service offering to see how we can assist.

  • Following this assessment, the IEC 61511 safety lifecycle model requires that identified SIFs are assigned a target measure of their reliability to perform the safety function.

  • The challenges faced by facilities include accurately budgeting for process safety equipment and allowing for the protection of people and plant, while complying with government regulations. The safety lifecycle model requires that identified SIFs are assigned a target measure of their reliability to perform the safety function.

  • SIL selection ensures legislative safety requirements are met prior to final plant design — avoiding costly redesign and rework of the process safety system — by determining the intended SIS design meets all safety targets specified in the SIL selection workshops.

  • Ensure that the safety specifications consider all aspects of process safety and that the SIS is designed and engineered to correct specifications prior to plant implementation.

  • Once the Safety Requirements Specification has been produced, the next step is the design of the ProSafe Safety Instrumented System (SIS).

  • Functional Safety Audit (FSA) should be carried out prior to plant start-up.

  • Yokogawa's plant-wide safety monitoring solution provides analysis and reporting, helping customers monitor the performance effectiveness of defined SIS against their design targets.

  • Yokogawa provides a broad range of Instructor led (certified) training courses to help customers enhance their knowledge and awareness of Yokogawa systems during different phases of project execution, as well as provide competency to control the process in a safe environment.

  • Co-innovatie voor veiligheid
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AS IEC 61511 -1 Overall Safety Lifecycle

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