Electronic Flow Measurement System for Natural Gas Metering

STARDOM FCJ/FCN can be used as an electronic flow measurement system described in API MPMS Chapter 21.1. The flow computer calculations are performed in order to provide a high performance flow metering for Natural Gas. FCJ/FCN can perform both normal control and flow computer function at the same time.  Utilizing STARDOM and Yokogawa Multivariable Transmitter EJX (HART or Foundation Fieldbus field transmitter), the advanced flow measurement can be realized.

Full digital data from the Gas flow computer can be transferred from the Multivariable transmitter to STARDOM through Fieldbus. There is no A/D nor D/A converter in-between, the data resolution and quality is secured. Testing has already been completed at the Southwest Research Institute for Fieldbus use for gas flow computer.


  • Can use the same controller for process control and flow measurement
  • Powerful and Reliable CPU and I/O modules
  • Utilizing IEC61131 configuration plus DCS function blocks
  • Built-in Web based parameter settings
  • Storing data on non-volatile flash memory for 35 days as required in API21.1
  • Flowcal interface by creating the CFX file in FCN/FCJ
  • Configuration up to 12 meter runs per CPU as a standard
  • Integration with the Plant Resource Manager for asset management
  • Tested and verified in Southwest Research Institute

AGA Calculation in STARDOM

AGA 3 (Flow measurement using orifice plate as primary meter)
AGA 7 (Flow measurement using turbine as primary meter)
AGA 8 (Compressibility factor of natural gas; Gross/Detail Method)
AGA 9 (Flow measurement using ultrasonic as primary meter)
AGA 10 (Gas Speed of Sound Calculation)
AGA 11 (Measurement of Natural Gas by Coriolis meter)
V-Cone flow calculation 
GPA2172-96 (Heating Value calculation)

The Gas calculated value from the STARDOM will be sent to EJX910 via Fieldbus, and display the necessary information for the BLM personnel without the need for data collection units, laptop computers, or any special equipment.



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