Renewable Power Generation

Dates: Sep 22 - 23, 2022
Location: London
Venue: The IET, Savoy Place, London

RPG 2022


The IET Renewable Power Generation conference brings together the topics of renewable energy technology, power generation, and systems integration with techno-economic issues. All renewable energy generation technologies are within the scope of the conference.

RPG 2022 also considers the role of renewables in a net zero future and innovations needed to overcome challenges, including resource scarcity, continued scale-up, efficiency improvements, cost reductions, embedded carbon reductions, and power system planning and operation with close to 100% renewables.

Meet the team to learn about Yokogawa’s solutions for greenfield, expansion, and brownfield (retrofit) projects for the power and renewable energy sectors. They assist plant owners in identifying areas of plant operations that can benefit from the latest digital control system platforms and state-of-the-art instrumentation. Yokogawa’s experienced engineering team will design, manufacture, supply, install and commission your plant using the latest proven equipment and leading industry standards for all your needs.

The use of renewable energy protects the environment and takes both society and industry closer to the goal of achieving sustainability. Yokogawa is committed to achieving net-zero emissions, ensuring the well-being of all, and making the transition to a circular economy by 2050, thus making the world a better place for future generations.

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    Renewable energy helps protect the environment and brings both society and industry closer to the goal of achieving sustainability. However, compared to conventional energy sources, there are certain challenges that stand in the way of its rapid adoption, such as higher production costs and greater instability in the supply of power to the grid. As a leading company in the control and instrumentation business, Yokogawa has always striven to help its customers in various industries achieve stable operations and improve productivity in their plants. We provide solutions for renewable energy applications worldwide, thus contributing to the sustainable development goals.

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