No.36 (2003)

Yokogawa periodically publishes the Yokogawa Technical Report, which contains articles that take a detailed look at the technologies employed in Yokogawa's products. At this site you will find links to all of the reports that have been published since 1997 as well as links to PDF files containing the full text of selected articles from each issue.



  • SANO Naoki*1
  • KUBO Norio*1
  • OGASAWARA Atsushi*1
  • ANZAI Sadaki*1

*1 ATE Business Headquarters

The "PreTestStation" virtual tester is an LSI test support system, whichintegrats Yokogawa's own technologies of EDA software "VirtualICE" and ICtesting. The PreTestStation, which consists of an accurate and high-speed ATEmodel written in Verilog-HDL and a tester OS integrated with testing anddebugging capabilities, runs on a Verilog simulator at a workstation and offers avirtual test environment common.

The PreTestStation facilitates an early verification of test programs beforethe completion of the first silicon without a real tester by simulating test programswith a target DUT model and an ATE model. This results in the reduction of testingand debugging time after the device is completed. This paper outlines thePreTestStation and its application results.


  • SAWAI Tsuneji*1
  • TAKAHASHI Hiroshi*1
  • INOUE Ken-ichi*2

*1 Industrial Solutions Business Headquarters
*2 Industrial Automation Systems Business Division

We have developed the "Econo-Pilot" energy-saving system for waterpumps, which reduces the power consumption of motors for water supply. In theenergy-saving control field, the conventional method used is that of constantpressure control of the water supply with inverters. However, as Econo-Pilotemploys a method of variable water pressure control corresponding to flow volume,the system can raise the energy-saving ratio up to 90 percent.

This paper describes the principles of the system and its basic functions,along with a case study of some practical applications.


  • NAKANO Shin-ichi*1
  • OKADOME Masatomo*1
  • MINAI Masakazu*1
  • MORITA Kazunori*1

*1 T&M Business Div.

We have developed the DL1640/DL1640L digital oscilloscopes that feature4-channel inputs, 200-MS/s maximum sampling rates, a 200-MHz analogbandwidth and a 32-MWord maximum record length. Compared with former modelDL1500, this general purpose oscilloscope has realized an extremely compact sizeand light weight as a result of our development of an ADC IC incorporatingpreamplifier, a VLSI for an acquisition system and our employment of a high-efficiency power supply. This paper provides an over-view of these new digitaloscilloscopes.


  • YOSHIMURA Atsuya*1
  • WAKISHIMA Masahiro*1
  • URANO Kouji*1
  • WADA Hidehiko*2
  • FUJII Yasuyuki*2
  • ONIMURA Kuniharu*1

*1 Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.
*2 Corporate Research and Development Headquarters

We have developed Field information server "Fis" and software "Fis.View"."Fis" provides acquisition and delivery functions of such field data asmeteorological and hydrological data via networks. "Fis.View" runs on PCs andprovides an interface function to integrate the information from each Fis vianetworks, along with displaying information for better viewing on PCs. Since Fisfeatures modularized signal converters for each sensor only by selecting sorts andnumbers of converters, the Fis's unit build system can provide users with the abilityto build up a suitable Fis system for each application. A converters implementsprimary processing of input data from filed sensors and stores it. After a CPUmodule collects these data from each processor, the CPU implements higher-leveldata processing and transmits them to outside users via networks. With this system,a monitoring system for remote field data can be constructed easily.


  • TASHIRO Toru*1
  • ICHIKAWA Shoujirou*1

*1 Yokogawa Denshikiki Corporation Limited

Field information server "Fis" acquires various environmental data such asair temperature, wind speed and wind direction, precipitation, river water level andwater quality, and then provides the data in various protocols. Users can browse theenvironmental data from anywhere via Internet networks, and also can remotely setand control Fis along with performing failure diagnosis.

Moreover, with "Fis.View" the information integrating dedicated softwarefor Fis, the combination of Fis and Fis.View can increase the applicability of the Fissystem for environmental measurement of various field data covering hydrologicaland meteorological observation.

This paper describes three typical applications including a rainfallmeasurement and remote transmission system for dam sites, an integratedenvironmental measurement system for horse tracks and a road conditionforecasting system for cold regions with heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures.