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Community Involvement

The Yokogawa Group is tackling challenges that affect the global environment and society to contribute toward the realization of a thriving global society.

Yokogawa's corporate citizenship

Yokogawa, with awareness of its responsibilities as a "good citizen", strives for harmonious coexistence with the communities it serves. We not only contribute to society as a whole through business activities but also implement wide-ranging community programs. We at Yokogawa are committed to cooperating with the communities and governments in all countries and regions in which we do business, to thereby achieve their goals and contribute to growth.

We also encourage our employees to participate in community programs as "good citizens". Specifically, we drive and participate in skill-development programs and environmental conservation activities in local communities. We also provide volunteer programs designed to let our employees make use of their various skills and competences for the community.

Corporate citizenship by Yokogawa group companies

The following are some of the community programs in which our group companies are involved:

Corporate citizenship by Yokogawa group companies
Japan North and South America Asia Middle East and Africa Europe

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