Mines et métaux

Mining operations produces valuable minerals or geological materials from the Earth. Economical recovery often requires high throughput and high availability of the process with low operation costs, and stringent safety and environmental regulations.

Nedmag Industries Mining & Manufacturing B.V., Veendam, The Netherlands

Success Story
Nedmag Industries Mining & Manufacturing B.V., Veendam, The Netherlands
PRM, FieldMate

  • FDT technology gives users centralized access to all devices.
  • FDT technology provides a common environment for configuring, operating, or maintaining any devices.
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Kyushu Mitsui Aluminium uses the UPM100 Power Monitor for its overall factory operations, and the DX1000 Paperless Recorder for its high-purity aluminum refining furnaces.

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  • Configuration of complicated procedures in Exapilot leads to operational excellence.
  • DENKA wanted to standardize the operation, reduce workload and prevent operator errors.
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CENTUM VP was selected to increase production output of a gold refinery in Australia.
The unprecedented reliability and availability of CENTUM ensured zero unplanned downtime.

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Data critical for quality control in aluminum casting is monitored and recorded by the DX1000/DX2000. Various kinds of data from a holding furnace are batch recorded, and data during occurrence of alarms is recorded separately.

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