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At Yokogawa, we offer comprehensive mining solutions from start to finish.

Our end-to-end services encompass automation and energy management, systems integration, water management, and risk management, as well as process control. Our expertise in these areas enables us to help you produce safe, intelligent, and dependable outcomes throughout your mining operations.

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Measurement & Control
  •  Flow meter Solutions
  •  Pressure & Level Solutions
  •  Temperature Solutions
  •  Analytical Solutions

Quality Assurance

Control Systems
  •  Centum VP
  •  PXiSE
  •  Digital Twin
  •  IA2IA

Cost Pressure

Environmental & Safety Systems
  •  RAP
  •  CyberSecurity Management
  •  Water Management
  •  Energy Management

Regulatory Compliance


Mining & Metal Segments.

Whether it’s extraction, crushing and sizing, processing, or discharge control, Yokogawa has innovative solutions for cost-effective and sustainable mining, increased productivity, reduced downtimes, improved efficiencies, and meeting environmental compliance.

Water Supply Availability

Extraction & Transport

Improving drilling and blasting, excavation, loading, and hauling processes can boost productivity and profitability in mining operations. Explore innovative solutions for cost-effective and sustainable mining practices.

Crushing & Sizing

Discover the latest solutions to optimize crushing and sizing processes for better mineral recovery rates and increased productivity. Learn how advanced technologies and innovations can improve the efficiency of mineral processing, reduce downtime, and minimize energy consumption.


Discover the benefits of incorporating automation into mineral processing operations. From chemical separation and cyanidation to flotation and electrolysis, automated processes can improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance consistency.

Quality Control

Proper discharge and rejects controls are crucial for the success of mining operations. By implementing efficient controls, companies can improve the quality of discharged materials, minimize waste generation, and enhance environmental compliance.

Yokogawa Mining Industry Insight 2023

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    Meet Yokogawa’s experts in person and discuss the newest equipment, technology, solutions, and innovations that mining professionals need to run and power the world at the mining industry’s largest global event.


Mining Process & Solutions

Process Automation Solutions – Pit to Port/Sensor to Boardroom


Mining Solutions

When reviewing a client’s process improvement journey, Yokogawa’s principles have always remained the same in ensuring the basics are done well as a first step. This underpins all future activities from new device introduction, control system upgrades all the way up to a holistic revamp of data collection and reporting methods.

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Distributed Control System (DCS)

Plant Resource Manager (PRM)

Mining Production Enhanced

Conveyor, Fire & Temperature Solutions

In the mining industry, operations management solutions help to ensure safe, reliable and efficient plant operations and regulatory compliance by digitization of information related to key operations management practices. Is your operation still doing things the old-fashioned way?

Discover how by embracing digital transformation, moving from manual processes and old-fashioned processes to digital solutions that add value, plants inherently become safer, and processes are optimized.

< Explore how to reduce production loss and ensure operational continuity

Conveyor Belt Fire Detection

Power Cable Monitoring for Overheating

Fire Detection in Exhaust Air/Fume Ducts

Distributed Temperature Sensing: DTSX Series

Fiber Optic Sensor Temperature Measurement
Yokogawa’s DTSX product family is engineered with a variety of fiber optic sensing cables that provide continuous temperature sensing for long distances. Our fiber optic sensor temperature measurement solutions provide enhanced visibility into your process, allowing you to detect problems before major catastrophic events occur.

DTSX™1 Fiber Optic Heat Detector

All-in-One, Self-Contained Fiber Optic Temperature Solution
The DTSX1 measures temperature and detects heat with a fiber optic cable over a wide area quickly and precisely. Alarm displays and sounds are individually configurable to suit your applications, enabling rapid detection, localization, and identification of abnormalities to prevent heat-induced equipment failure or catastrophic fire events.

Environmental & Safety Solutions

Mining Industry: Solutions for Lifecycle Sustainability of Modern Process Automation Systems

As part of the periodical Asset Health Check Service, Yokogawa's experts analyze environment data and propose a plan for optimizing the environment. This solution can prevent failures caused by deterioration due to the environment. 

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Reduction Monitoring in the Chromium
Wastewater Treatment Process

Off the Grid – Distributed and Greener Energy
Networks are Here

Yokogawa RAP Control of Work:
Safe and Reliable Operations

Recorder and Analytical Solution

Liquid Analyzers and Recorders for Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
Yokogawa has provided a wide range of liquid analyzers and recorders with high-quality, accurate and reliable products. All of these products are designed to give you maximum accuracy, stability, safety, and reliability, with the objective of reducing your total cost of ownership.

Energy Management Information System (EMIS)

Decrease Energy Consumption, Monitor Performance and Determine Optimum Operating Targets 
Helping enterprise to reduce energy costs and improve process performance without extensive and expensive equipment modifications. Under the digital transformation era, the energy management footprint of the evolutions, the technological borders, and application frameworks are widely adopted to create corporate visibility and value addition.

RAP4 Digital Permit to Work

Layers of Safety for All Industries, All scales, and All Risks 
Permit to Work is your front-line documented method of keeping people safe whilst undertaking any form of work that needs to be controlled in potentially hazardous environments. The most effective Permit to Work system needs to engage the workforce and keep them focused on the important issues that keep people safe. That system is RAP4.

Flow Meter Solutions

Mining Industry: The Total Insight concept supports the entire product life cycle.

Yokogawa's flowmeter adopts the new "Total Insight" concept which provides total support to customers. Smarter more accurate measurement devices with less need for physical contact are in demand. That is why Yokogawa has co-innovated with the food & beverage industry to develop flowmeters that exceed customer expectations. Discover how other customers use our magnetic and Coriolis flowmeters in their operations. 

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Flow Measurement for Aluminum Slurry

Flow Noise Diagnosis Function

Measuring the Impossible

EJA565E and EJA564E

Flow Meters - Magnetic 3-A CertifiedEthernet/IP

The ADMAG Total Insight (TI) AXG® is an electromagnetic flow meter featuring enhanced settings for customized setups, pre-defined trend views, and multiple configuration sets for fast changeover through a micro SD card. In the ADMAG TI AXG®, standard, built-in verification reduces the total cost of ownership.

IIoT Plant Asset Management Solutions

Mining Industry: Start Your Digital Transformation Journey and Simplify Compliance

Plant managers are amidst a fast-changing business environment. Trends of Industry 4.0, advanced technologies of Industrial IoT (IIoT) & artificial intelligence(AI), and the rise of the energy-saving society and aging population have huge impacts on production activities. Under this situation, they must consider how to improve productivity and safety, train and sustain experienced operators, and cut operation costs all at the same time. 

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Wireless Solution for IIoT

Wireless Vibration Sensor

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

EJA565E and EJA564E

IIoT Plant Asset Management

Sushi Sensors and GA10 AI Software
Upgrade from periodic operator rounds to automated data collection and analysis for rotating equipment in food and beverage facilities. Monitor vibration of rotating equipment like compressors and pumps to get real-time equipment health status, detect abnormal conditions sooner, predict failures, and schedule maintenance to reduce downtime.

Pressure & Level Solutions

In the mining industry, reliable measurements are critical for any control scheme, new or old. But as industries strive to improve control of processes, the quality of measurement-loops is often overlooked! No matter how good your DCS, PLC, SCADA, or cloud-based data collection is, if you do not have accurate reliable process data, it does not matter.

Discover how accurately measuring pressure is a powerful piece of process data.

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Pressure and Level Transmitters

Optimize Plant Operations with Fewer Resources than Ever Before
Yokogawa pressure transmitters do more than just provide accurate and reliable data for process control. DPharp pressure instrumentation helps achieve enhanced product quality, reduced total cost of ownership, and increased plant availability. Engineered with DPharp pressure sensor technology, our pressure transmitters deliver high reliability across a range of process conditions, eliminating numerous application challenges.

Analytical Solutions

Yokogawa’s best-in-class digital smart sensors perfect for the mining industry 

Envision a mining operation where people are watchful and attentive while your process responds to change quickly and efficiently. Seeing clearly gives you the knowledge necessary to anticipate the changes required in your process. Knowing in advance brings you the speed and flexibility to optimize your operation in real time. Yokogawa analyzers are the heart of the control- and optimization process. With their robustness and accuracy, the analyzers must and will give you confidence in getting the critical process information to the operators and control systems.

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pH in Iron Slurry

pH in Iron Ore Slurry + NaOH Solution

Measurement of pH of Leachate in Zinc Hydrometallurgy

Process Analyzers

pH | ORP | Conductivity | Gas/Dissolved Oxygen
Yokogawa’s diagnostic-based analytical instrumentation offers the flexibility to meet a wide range of individual requirements. Producing the best quality food and beverage products requires precise monitoring and control of pH, ORP, conductivity, and gas/dissolved oxygen levels throughout the process.

Gas Analytical Solutions 

Improving the operation, reliability, and credibility of online process analyzers
This Oxygen concentration and humidity measurements are used in various applications, from crucial humidity control measurements for final product quality to oxygen measurements on package boilers for combustion control. Yokogawa's zirconia gas analyzer solution is equipped with a long-life, and highly reliable zirconia sensor with digital communication and data log functions.

It is easy to maintain and reduce operating costs by self-diagnosing sensor deterioration (without using calibration gas)and replacing the heater assembly on site.

Cybersecurity & Operational Risk Management Solutions

Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Corporate Values

OpreX Safety and Security belongs to the OpreX Lifecycle category of the comprehensive OpreX brand for Yokogawa's industrial automation (IA) and control business. The valuable service lineup includes cybersecurity management/consulting and product security services. 

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Digital Transformation in Process Industries

Elevating Workers and Capabilities

Comparative Effective Analysis

Digital Twin

Remote Plant Performance Operation and Remote Consulting
The Digital Twin is consulting combined with cloud-based simulation and production performance monitoring to obtain practical and deep insights on maximizing their physical assets and predictive maintenance. Together, we aim to contribute and actualize improvements not only for profitability, but also for overall safety, operability and reliability.

Operations Management System

Operational Excellence Transformation Solution 
Operations Management solution helps to ensure Safe, Reliable and Efficient plant operations and regulatory compliance by digitization of information related to key Operations Management Practices. This results in improved productivity through standardized work practices, streamlined processes, plus improved communications and coordination across departments.

CENTUM VP Distributed Control System

Yokogawa's Latest Generation DCS 
Yokogawa's most advanced, integrated process control system, providing enhanced productivity and optimization across a wide range of industries. For over forty years, the Yokogawa CENTUM DCS family has evolved to meet and exceed the needs of businesses and will continue to do so as they reinvent themselves through digital transformations and incorporate new technologies such as IoT far into the future.

Mining Applications

Yokogawa helps leading-edge Mining, Metal & Mineral operations through automation solutions that enable plant-wide integration and lifecycle optimization. Here is a quick list of Mining units and applications for which Yokogawa has a global network of experts at your service, providing comprehensive automation solutions.


  • Geochemical analysis
  • Geoscience surveys
  • Raw Material Weighing
  • Raw Material Analysis
  • Mineral exploration
  • Mineralogical studies
  • Ore grade
  • Drilling
  • Sampling


  • Quality geoscience
  • Site planning
  • Permit considerations
  • Safety risks
  • Operational risks
  • Mine Design
  • Direct impact
  • Environmental impact
  • Reduce interference
  • Reuse wastewater
  • Eco-friendly equipment
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Reforestation
  • Topsoil replenishment
  • Economic viability
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)
  • Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS)
  • Feasibility Study (FS)
  • Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS)
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)


  • Railroad development
  • Road construction
  • Water, sewage access
  • Power supply, generation
  • Processing facilities
  • Workforce accommodations


  • Surface mining
  • Strip mining, coal
  • Open-pi mining, quarries
  • Mountaintop removal mining
  • Dredging
  • Highwall mining
  • Underground mining
  • Subsurface mining
  • Mineral-rich processed, extraction
  • Heap leaching
  • Flotation
  • Smelting facilities
  • Mineral extraction, through chemical 
  • Bullion or ingots, from ore


  • Mine rehabilitation program
  • Decommissioning mine
  • Removing waste and hazardous material
  • Establishing new landforms and vegetation
  • Minimizing environmental effects
  • Preserving water quality
  • Stabilizing land to protect against erosion
  • Post-mining land use, repurposed plan




Yokogawa's UPM100 Power Monitor provides overall factory power monitoring operations and the DX1000 Paperless Recorder for temperature recording in refining furnaces.


Yokogawa’s CENTUM VP Distributed Control System is currently being used to process over 30% to Australia’s total gold output, placing it in the enviable position as the control system standard for gold processing.

  • Smooth and safe migration to CENTUM VP enhances production efficiency at major Australian gold mine.
  • The HMI stations instaled at the central control room, training system, primary crusher, workshop, and office are all connected via thesame communication bus.
  • Configuration of complicated procedures in Exapilot leads to operational excellence.
  • DENKA wanted to standardize the operation, reduce workload and prevent operator errors.

Yokogawa's integrated asset management system that combines FDT technology with a device management tool is being used to achieve real productivity advantages and savings in maintenance and service operations.


Reducing waste in the separator and electrode drying furnaces with Yokogawa’s distributed temperature sensors ensure comprehensive monitoring of thermal events in real-time.


Most zinc are produced at hydrometallurgically, where a high-grade zinc product can be obtained and valuable metals mixed in the raw material can be recovered. In the hydrometallurgy, the raw material of zinc concentrate is roasted and then dissolved in sulfuric acid to remove impurities. The process called leaching and pH control of the leachate is important.

Industry:Chemical, Power


Yokogawa’s latest generation of ADMAG AXG Series is the most suitable magnetic flowmeter with adhesion level diagnosis and dual-frequency excitation method provides stable flow measurement even under high flow noise in the severe applications like the flow of aluminum slurries.


Data critical for quality control in aluminum casting is monitored and recorded by the DX1000/DX2000. Various kinds of data from a holding furnace are batch recorded, and data during occurrence of alarms is recorded separately.


Risk management is crucial when expanding your business.


A belt conveyor fire detection solution employing the DTSX distributed optical fiber temperature sensor can greatly reduce crises that can threaten a company's survival.


With industrial and economic development comes increasingly large and advanced power plants and factories. Nevertheless, we find many cases where the original cables, cable tunnels, and other components of the power infrastructure have languished under continuous operation.


In this Yokogawa RAP Best Practices eBook, you’ll discover how our wealth of knowledge about Integrated Safe Systems and Control of Work is available to help you and your teams design and implement a system that best suits your needs.


The world of process automation is governed by procedures. While we like to refer to the process industries as being largely "continuous", this could not be further from the truth. Process manufacturing is constantly in flux.


The automation suppliers that will be successful in the long term will be those that effectively address application or industry specific problems for end users with a value proposition that cannot be ignored. These problems exist throughout the process industries today, and they won't be solved by simply offering a product, but through a combination of hardware, software, services, application expertise, and knowledge.


Discovering your Baseline with OT Security Risk Assessment


Discovering your Baseline with OT Security Risk Assessment


Cryogenic treatment requires the same types of temperature control as higher range processes, but the methods are different




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