Flow Measurement for Aluminum Slurry

Yokogawa’s latest generation of ADMAG AXG Series is the most suitable magnetic flowmeter with adhesion level diagnosis and dual-frequency excitation method that provides stable flow measurement even under high flow noise in severe applications like the flow of highly concentrated slurries.



Slurry flow measurement is one of the most difficult applications for magnetic flowmeters. Slurry causes noise from the flow detector. Flowmeter must be robust not only for the slurry, but also for the corrosive chemicals in the flow. For steady and accurate measurement, one must determine how to cancel the noise influence simultaneously while maintaining the basic steady measurement.



Expected Benefits

  • Stable and reliable output signal regardless of the slurry volume, without jeopardizing the response speed or zero stability.
  • Robust design, offering a longer lifetime for the flowmeter.
  • Minimal downtime and maintenance work.
  • Consequently, to provide the best productivity.


YFGW520 (Field Wireless Access Point), YFGW410 (Field Wireless Management Station)
AXG Magnetic Flowmeter
Integral Type

YFGW520 (Field Wireless Access Point), YFGW410 (Field Wireless Management Station)
AXG Magnetic Flowmeter
Remote Sensor


YFGW520 (Field Wireless Access Point), YFGW410 (Field Wireless Management Station)
AXG4A Magnetic Flowmeter
Remote Transmitter



  • Slurry noise disturbs the accurate and stable measurement.
  • Abrasive aluminum slurry shortens the lifetime of liner and electrodes.
  • High-density red-mud covers the electrodes. Periodical Cleaning is required.



ADMAG AXG magnetic flowmeters deliver fit-for-purpose solutions for difficult applications in the mining industry.
The client found the ADMAG AXG Dual Frequency Excitation to be an advantage in overcoming the noise in slurry flow. The simultaneous high and low-frequency pulse provided good zero stability, no span shift, and immunity to slurry noise.
In addition, ADMAG AXG offers adhesion level diagnosis of fluid on the electrode. This function enables the operator to recognize the maintenance timing.

Electrode Adhesion Diagnosis


Key Benefits

  • The ADMAG has a unique flow tube and liner design supporting robust and aggressive processes, proving a longer life-cycle of the flowmeter. It uses an injected molded PFA liner with a welded retaining grid, that holds the liner position and prevents it from caving, due to vacuum conditions.
  • AXG is the latest generation of ADMAG series which provides a Dual Excitation System and adhesion-level diagnosis. In addition, it offers in-line verification and an optional microSD for off-line data analysis.
  • AXG is the most suitable magnetic flowmeter for severe applications like the flow with slurry or adhesive materials.

Overall, ADMAG Total Insight Electromagnetic Flow Meters are part of the Yokogawa Total Insight concept for optimizing operations and reducing maintenance costs through every phase of the product lifecycle. The ADMAG TI magnetic flow measurement series consists of the ADMAG AXG and the ADMAG AXW electromagnetic flow meters. For industries such as Metal & Mining and more, ADMAG TI series magnetic flow meters have digesters that are reinforced and protections to resist wear and deformation and extend service life, even under harsh high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.




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