OpreX Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring Compliant with Pharmaceutical Regulations

The OpreX™ Environmental Monitoring System collects, measures, and stores temperature and humidity as well as other management data for comprehensive oversight of the pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control, and storage areas.

Environmental Monitoring System

Major features

Data Integrity

  • Meets ALCOA+ requirements

Data Collection and Long-term Storage

  • Long-term storage of collected data in recorders that are FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Real-Time Data Monitoring

  • Monitor measured data and alarms using the monitoring software

Centralized Management for Login User

Centralized management of user names and passwords using servers on the network is possible through Active Directory.

  • Centralized management of user name/password in Data Server and recorders
  • User login access control

Data Management

  • Integrated management of data collected by multiple recorders

Major fratires


Data Management Package

Centralized management of the recorded data file

Access Control

Users are assigned to groups and are given access privileges based on the group they belong to.
Only authorized users can login to the system and search and browse through data.

Access control

Audit Trail Function

All operations on records(Backup/Restore/Archive/Delete etc.)by an authorized and logged-in user are automatically recorded and saved in the audit trails. Data server and recorder audit trails are listed. The recorded audit trail can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Log Search Function

  • Displays a list of "Alarms," "Marks," "Image Marks," and "Operation History" logs recorded for each data files
  • You can search logs using keywords and download log reports.

Report Function

  • A report is generated based on the data recorded from multiple recorders
  • The generation timing can be specified as scheduled (automatic) or immediate (manual)
  • Generated reports can be printed automatically
  • Report template:Daily Report/Monthly Report/Alarm Report/Periodic Report/Trend Report
    ※These functions are optional.

External Interface Function

  • Provides trend data and periodic statistical data to other systems
    Examples:Tag Information/Period Data/Alarm Information/Audit Trail etc.
    ※These functions are optional.

Catalog Image of New function

Configuration Tool

Adminstrator configures the Data Management Package using this tool.

  • Register new recorders
  • Register new users
  • License management

Real-time Monitoring Software

Monitor measured data in real time

  • Measured value display (Trend display / Digital display)
  • Alarm notification on the screen
  • Monitor data for each measurement group


Universal Viewer

Dedicated viewer software for browsing recorded data

  • Display recorded data
  • Supports latest OS and offers best viewing quality
  • Supports 7 languages


Paperless Recorder


Measure and record a variety of data

  • Add I/O modules as needed
  • Wide variety of powerful display functions
  • A full range of network functions

Advanced Security Function
Electronic recording of data is compliant with pharmaceutical regulations

  • Logical security
  • Audit trail function
  • Secure data storage in binary format (fraud proof)
  • Dedicated viewer software

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Chugai uses the Pharmaceutical Model DX200P Data Acquisition Station for storage quality control of investigational drugs and ingredients.

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