Transmetteurs de pression et de pression différentielle sans fil

Les transmetteurs de la série EJX-B de Yokogawa combinent les fonctionnalités de notre série de pur-sang EJX-A avec la communication sans fil ISA100 pour offrir de nouvelles opportunités et possibilités.

Tous les produits compatibles Yokogawa ISA100 peuvent s’intégrer à n’importe quel réseau conforme.


Wireless Specifications Communication protocol ISA100.11a protocol
Data rate 250 kbps
Frequency 2.400-2.4835 GHz license free ISM band
Radio security AES 128 bit codified
RF Transmitter power Max. 11.6 dBm (fixed)
Antenna +2 dBi Omni directional monopole type
For amplifier housing code 8 and 9, separately sold remote antenna and antenna cables can be used
Performance specifications Absolute Pressure Accuracy 1MPa or higher: ±0.2% of span
Update Time 0.5 to 3600 s selectable
Functional Specifications Battery Pack Battery packs with long life lithium-thionyl chloride batteries. With the intrinsically safe type, the battery pack is replaceable in hazardous area.
Battery Characteristic Typical battery life is 10 years at 60 seconds update time or 4 years at 10 seconds update time in the following conditions.*
• Ambient temperature: 23±2°C
• Device role: IO mode
• LCD display: off
 (* Environmental condition such as vibration may affect the battery life)
Degrees of Protection IP66/IP67, NEMA4X
Ambient Temperature Limits -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
-30 to 80°C (-22 to 176°F) LCD visible range
Regulatory compliance Statement Explosion Protected types ATEX, FM, CSA, IECEx Intrinsically safe Approval
EMC Conformity Standards EN61326-1 Class A, Table 2 (For use in industrial locations), EN61326-2-3
R&TTE Conformity Standards ETSI EN 300 328, ETSI EN 301 489-1, ETSI EN 301 489-17, EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030, EN62311
Regulation Conformity of the Wireless Module • FCC Approval
• IC Approval
Safety Requirement Standards EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030



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ISA100 wireless temperature and pressure transmitters.

Vue générale:
  • Daily manual reading of pressure and temperature gauges with report by phone.
  • The customer wants to change measurement from off-line to on-line.
  • Cabling for wired transmitters in huge plants (up to 300 meters long) is expensive.
Notes Applicatives
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Eliminating the wire using wireless transmitter is the perfect solution for rotating equipment. It establishes data collection between the transmitter and the gateway by reliable communication even though the dryer was rotating.

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  • Wireless pressure and temperature monitoring.
  • Repeater was set under the gateway.
  • The maximum distance between the repeater and transmitters is approximately 500m.
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ISA100 wireless temperature and pressure transmitters with orifice plates allow:

  • No cabling installations or maintenance.
  • Small amount of hardware and simple equipment implementation means minimizing potential vandalism.
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ISA100 Wireless Monitoring  

  • Gateway x1, Temperature Transmitter (YTA) x3, Pressure Transmitter (EJX) x1, Repeater x1

Gateway is installed at control room and 3m height extended antenna is set.

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  • Temperature Transmitter (YTA) and Pressure Transmitter (EJX) are installed at each monitoring point.
  • Repeater is installed on high position.
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  • Oil level measurement of diesel tanks that feed fuel to their diesel generator's which are at three locations and 400 meters apart from each other.
  • Also to measure level , pressure and flow to and from their main storage yard.
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ISA100 Wireless Temperature and Pressure Transmitters

  • Gateway x1, Temperature Transmitter (YTA) x1, Pressure Transmitter (EJX) x1

High quality wireless communication confirmed

  • Packet Error Rate (PER) is 0 to 2.5%/ 5 days
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Download this eBook and learn:

  • The basic physics of pressure
  • Different types of pressure sensors
  • Features of pressure transmitters
  • Pressure transmitters communications standards
  • Key characteristics of pressure
  • Common types of diaphragm seals
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Using wireless technology for monitoring a variety of measuring points in Industrial Plants has becoming a very attractive choice for plant managers. Today, the plant manager is able to build a quick and cost effective network solution to enable flexible information acquisition and to improve maintenance efficiency and safety.


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