Yokogawa Employee Selected for the 2014 Process Automation Hall of Fame

Tokyo, Japan - February 28, 2014

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that Dave Emerson of Yokogawa Corporation of America has been selected by CONTROL, a prestigious and influential industry magazine in the US, to be inducted into the Process Automation Hall of Fame, Class of 2014. Mr. Emerson is director of Yokogawa's U.S. Development Center.

Dave Emerson
Dave Emerson

The Process Automation Hall of Fame was created in 2001 to recognize the contributions made by outstanding process automation professionals working in the process automation and control industry. Members include Yutaka Wakasa, a former Yokogawa director and the first Japanese inductee, and Dr. Maurice J. Wilkins, vice president of the Yokogawa IA Global Strategic Technology Marketing Center in Dallas.

The nomination of Mr. Emerson reflects the following significant contributions that he has made to the control industry:

  • He is the creator and co-developer of the Batch Markup Language (BatchML) and the Business To Manufacturing Markup Language (B2MML). Based on XML, these have become the de facto standards in the process automation industry for the exchange of ISA-95*1 and ISA-88*2 data between ERP and MES/control systems. B2MML has saved companies millions of dollars by reducing costs for their manufacturing operations.
  • He served as vice-chairman of the ISA-95 committee, played a primary role in the creation of a technical report on the integration of ISA-95 and ISA-88, and led the creation of the procedure function charts defined in ISA-88 Part 2. These two standards have been globally adopted by industrial automation system suppliers and have helped owners/operators lower their system integration costs and attain operational excellence by making more effective use of their manufacturing systems.
  • He has been instrumental in proposing and developing the ISA-106*3 standard and is currently serving as its editor. As a leading contributor to the ISA-106 committee, he is working to standardize the automation of continuous processes and thereby assure safer operations, less variability within processes, and improved profits.

*1 A standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems that was defined by the International Society of Automation (ISA)

*2 The ISA's batch control standard

*3 A standard on procedure automation for continuous process operations that is being developed by the ISA

Encouraged by this award, Yokogawa will continue working to contribute to society and achieve progress in the control industry by developing and introducing advanced control solutions based on excellent control technologies.


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