Exaquantum General Specifications

Exaquantum is a Plant Information Management System (PIMS) product that provides business benefits to users in the Hydrocarbons, Chemicals, Power & Utilities, Pulp & Paper and many other industries. The main function of Exaquantum is the acquisition of data from all facets of a business and the subsequent transformation of that data into easily usable, high- value, widely-distributed information. The data then becomes an integral part of the set of tools used by the business in vital decision-making processes.

Related Products & Solutions

Data Historian (Exaquantum)

Exaquantum is one of the most comprehensive Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS) available for process industries. Exaquantum can acquire data from all facets of a process and transform that data into easily usable, high-value, widely distributed information. Exaquantum forms the basis of most Yokogawa OES.

Solution-based Software

Yokogawa's solution based-software packages contributes in bringing benefits to customers for safer, more stable, optimized, and efficient plant operations in association with the DCS operations.