Calibration support for differential pressure and pressure transmitters


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  • Periodic maintenance
  • Field engineering

Combination of the FieldMate (Filed Device Adjustment and configuration tool))with the CA700 (Pressure Calibrator) makes it much easier to calibrate differential pressure and pressure transmitters, and to save and manage calibration records.

Calibration support for differential pressure and pressure transmitters

Features and Benefits

  • Combination of FieldMate and CA700 for easy field device calibration.
  • Sharing of calibration records on CA700 and FieldMate for excellent maintenance.
    (Calibration records including date/time, device tag, model, pressure value, current signal from field device, and so on)

Field device calibration

It is easy to calibrate field device, when engineers use both FieldMate and CA700. Moreover, CA700 can share all calibration records (CSV file format) with FieldMate. It is not necessary to take time to look for the calibration records.

Calibration records management

CA700 can send the Calibration records to FieldMate via USB, and FieldMate can register the calibration records linked with field device information (field device tag, model, field device icon, memo, etc.). Engineers can utilize these calibration records during the next calibration without some human errors.

Calibration records management

Calibration records utilization

Engineers can access to Calibration records (CSV file format) in FieldMate and it is easy to make out the calibration reports including some graphs by some software such as spreadsheet, if necessary.

Output example
Calibration records utilization

Calibration progress management

Engineers can write down important information (calibrator, calibration progress, etc.) into FieldMate (Sticky Note function), then FieldMate shows them on the top window (segment viewer).

Calibration progress management

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