The VJ77 Parameter Setting Tool is a PC software package for setting various parameters and computing unit programs of the microcomputer-based JUXTA series, and various parameters of YS80 series rack instruments with the BRAIN communication function.


Configure the Functions of VJ Series Signal Conditioner from a PC

  • Parameter setting
    This function enables settings and modification of various parameters of microcomputer-based JUXTA or YS80, including input type, input range, output range, and burnout.
  • Program setting
    This function enables programming of the microcomputer-based JUXTA computing unit (programmable).
  • Collective reading & writing data
    This function allows the parameters and programs on the microcomputer-based JUXTA to be collectively read and then written to the JUXTA. It also enables you to read and write parameters to and from the YS80. You can also write to a YS80 even it is of a different style.
  • File management
    This function allows the programs made with this tool, and the parameters and programs read from the JUXTA to be saved on a PC’s hard disk or other media. Also, you can save loaded YS80 parameters to the PC’s hard disk.
  • Data printing
    This function enables the printing out of programs made with this tool and the reading of parameters and programs from the JUXTA by a printer. Also, you can print loaded YS80 parameters to a printer connected to the PC.
  • Monitoring
    This function enables the monitoring of inputs to and outputs from the microcomputer-based JUXTA or YS80 and the results of selfdiagnosis.
  • Input and output adjustment
    This function enables calibration of the microcomputer-based JUXTA’s input/outputs or YS80’s input/outputs.

Parameter Setting Screen

Configure the Functions of VJ Series Signal Conditioner from a PC

*VJ77 includes software, dedicated adapter and communication cables & adapter for PC and JUXTAs.



This describes a rainfall pulse integration that uses an M series computing unit MXT (XJJM.511) free program. The XJJM.511 hardware is a computing unit with 3 isolated inputs and 1 output. There is 1 analog input, 2 digital inputs, and 1 analog output. The rain gauge's unit rainfall pulses are integrated and sent to the analog output (e.g. 1–5 VDC). The output rainfall integral value is 0% for a count of 0, and 100% for a count of 100. When the rainfall integral value reaches 100%, 100% is output for 1 second, and then the integral value returns to 0%. The maximum value of the rain integration can be changed on the VJ77 or other device.

Use the dedicated cable that came with the VJ77 and connect it to the dedicated port on the front panel of the computing unit.
VJ77 currently on sale is a USB compatible product.  Please consider purchasing a new one.
This type is adjusted by using the VJ77 or Handy Terminal. Connecting it will require an extension card (DXT) or communication card (DSC2).
It is shipped with factory default settings. Alarm types and values should be set by the user with a handy terminal or the VJ77 parameter setting tool.
How do I change settings?
Using the following settings tool, you can change the settings listed in the user's manual that came with the conditioner. Handy Terminals JHT-100 and JHT-200 BRAIN terminal BT200 (requires cable, sold separately) VJ77 Parameter Setting Tool...


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