Sustainable Safety Lifecycle Solution

A sustainable SIS, with embedded Functional Safety Management (FSM) and safety performance monitoring, is just as capable in terms of executing plant safety strategies, but is much easier to work with and understand by a wider range of plant personnel, including control room operators.

This leads to overall improvements not only in achieving the optimum process safety but also maintaining the safety integrity of the SIS throughout the plant life cycle automatically capturing the failures and demands from the process and analyzing it against the Safety Performance Indicator, indicating the safety performance continuously to all relevant plant personnel through the plant life cycle.

According to a multinational developer and operator of ultra-deepwater oil production platforms, a key operational benefit of sustainable SIS is the reduction of unplanned platform shutdowns.

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Sustainable Safety Instrumented Systems Infographic

How can you comply to safety effectively, revenue maximization and operational cost reductions for your Process Plant? You can achieve it with Sustainable SIS. Have a quick understanding of Sustainable SIS by viewing the Infographic.

Sustainable Safety Instrumented Systems White Paper

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Sustainable SIS catalog

Understand Yokogawa’s key enabler and technology to realize Sustainable SIS in your Process Plant.




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