Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPMS)

Yokogawa’s Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPMS) provides a comprehensive series of standard software applications which are integrated within the FAST/TOOLS real-time system platform to facilitate pipeline management and operations.

Derived from our many years of experience through numerous projects in the oil and gas pipeline industries, EPMS substantially reduces application deployment time while affording the reliability of fully-tested and proven, industry-standard algorithms for measurement, monitoring and system management.

FAST/TOOLS Integration

Integration with FAST/TOOLS allows the full EPMS capabilities to be applied throughout the enterprise for the most effective information utilization and decision support.

Simple Maintanence and Flexible

Unlike customized applications, EPMS is easily maintained and upgraded. Since EPMS is completely version-coherent with FAST/TOOLS, users realize the most effective possible life cycle management. EPMS and FAST/TOOLS always share compatible version updates and a common development roadmap.

At the same time, the standardized functions provide the flexibility to be tuned and extended to fit specific customer needs.

Object-oriented and Scalable

The object-oriented EPMS structure expedites configuration of user graphics and data structures. Plus, EPMS maintains the same scalability as FAST/TOOLS. Therefore, system expansions such as new pipeline construction, mergers & acquisitions, etc. are readily implemented.

EPMS delivers the following integrated and interrelated functions:

  • Processing of meter inputs for accurate measurement and flow calculations
  • Management of gas data with the device scheduler and EFM log up-loader
  • Schedule and monitor gas nominations
  • Monitor the line-pack along the pipelines and segments
  • MAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) monitoring
  • Pipeline balance, storage and inventory calculations
  • Schedule and track batches for efficient transportation of liquid products
  • Monitor liquid pipelines for leaks, inventory and hydraulic profiling
  • Drag reducing agent management and power management on compressors and pumps
  • Controlling a manifold with the flow path manager
  • Tracking and management of anomalies like pigs/scrapers, merge/hot spots and interfaces

EPMS consists of two application solutions:

  • Gas Enterprise Management Suite (GEMS)
  • Liquid Enterprise Management Suite (LEMS)

GEMS includes a comprehensive suite of management functions for natural gas pipeline operations.

LEMS includes a comprehensive suite of management functions for hydrocarbon liquids pipeline operations.


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