【Support Information】New Legislative Framework (NLF) Conforming Products

This is a list of recorder and controller products that support the New Legislative Framework (NLF.)

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New Legislative Framework (NLF) Conforming Products

The NLF (New Legislative Framework) is a new legal framework established in order to review CE marking related directives. It consists of 3 laws and regulations: Regulation EC (No) 764/2008, Regulation EC (No) 765/2008, and Decision (No) 768/2008/EC. The EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive (LVD), and other CE marking related directives have been amended to conform to the NLF. NLF support means conformity with these directives that were amended to conform to the NLF.
Meanings of the symbols used in the table to indicate the New Legislative Framework (NLF) conformity status.

◎ : NLF-conforming product

△ : NLF conformity in future

× : No plan for NLF conformity

- : Excluded

Table Range: Currently sold products as of January 2018.

Category Product Name Model NLF
SMARTDAC+ Paperless Recorder GX10  
Paperless Recorder Wireless Model GX20W  
SMARTDAC+ GM Data Acquisition Module GM10  
SMARTDAC+ GM Module Base GM90MB  
SMARTDAC+ GM Power Supply Module GM90PS  
Analog Input Module GX90XA  
Digital Input Module GX90XD  
Analog Output Module GX90YA  
Digital Output Module GX90YD  
Digital Iutput/Output Module GX90WD  
Pulse Iutput Module GX90XP  
PID Control Module GX90UT  
I/O Base Unit GX60  
I/O Expansion Module GX90EX  
SD memory card 773001  
Daqstation DX1000T DX10xxT  
Daqstation DX2000T DX20xxT  
Daqstation DX1000 DX10xx Excluding Remote Control for option /KB1.
Daqstation DX1000N DX10xxN Excluding Remote Control for option /KB1.
Daqstation DX2000 DX20xx Excluding Remote Control for option /KB1.
Daqstation DX364 DX364  
Input Terminal Input Terminal for DX-P 438227 ×  
FX1000 Paperless Recorder FX10xx  
μR20000 series
μR10000 Recorder 43610x  
μR20000 Recorder 4371xx  
RXA10 Configuration Software RXA10 × Target product: Interface unit
SR series SR10000 Recorder SR1000x  
Shunt Resistor Shunt Resistor for Screw Input Terminal 41592x  
Shunt Resistor for Screw Input Terminal 41594x  
Shunt Resistor for Clamped Input Terminal 43892x  
MW100/ MX100
MW100 Data Acquisition unit MW100 Excluding MW100-x-2x (the model with AC adapter).
MX100 Data Acquisition unit MX100  
Data Acquisition module for MX/MW MX110  
Data Acquisition module for MX/MW MX112  
Data Acquisition module for MX/MW MX115  
CAN Bus Module MX118 ×  
Analog output module for MX/MW MX120 Excluding MX120-PWM-M08.
Digital output module for MX/MW MX125  
Data Acquisition base plate for MX/MW MX150  
External M4 screw terminal block 772061  
Connection cable 772062  
Plate with clamp terminals 772063  
Clamp terminal 772064  
Clamp terminal 772065  
Connector cover for base plate 772066  
Plate with clamp terminals 772067  
Plate with clamp terminals 772068  
Plate with clamp terminals 772069  
AC Adapter for MW100 772075 ×  
Plate with screw terminals(M3,RJC) 772080  
Plate with clamp terminals(10 ohm) 772081  
Plate with clamp terminals(100 ohm) 772082  
Plate with clamp terminals(250 ohm) 772083  
Adapter for Compactflash memory card 772090  
Compactflash memory card, 512MB 772093  
Compactflash memory card, 1GB 772094  
Compactflash memory card, 2GB 772095  
SolStation Application Specific Controller HXS10 × Discnt. of Order Accept. on Dec. 2018.
Proprietary cable for HXS10 HXSS90 × Discnt. of Order Accept. on Dec. 2018.
Wireless transmitters Multi-input temperature transmitter YTMX580  
Blind plug for electrical connection YTMXBP  
UTAdvanced series Digital Indicating Controller UT75A  
Digital Indicating Controller UT55A  
Digital Indicating Controller UT52A  
Digital Indicating Controller UT35A  
Limit Controller UT35A-L  
Digital Indicating Controller UT32A  
Program Controller UP55A  
Program Controller UP35A  
Program Controller UP32A  
Digital Indicator with Alarms UM33A  
Parameter Setting Software LL50A  
TC10 Temperature Controller TC10  
Single-loop Con- trollers YS80 series - ×  
YS100 series YS110 ×  
YS1000 series YS1700  
Power Monitors PR300 series - ×  
Clamp-on Current Transformers CTW10 ×  
Clamp-on Current Transformers CTW20 ×  
Clamp-on Current Transformers CTW100 ×  
Clamp-on Current Transformers CTW15 ×  
Clamp-on Current Transformers CTW35 ×  
Clamp-on Current Transformers CTW130 ×  
Signal Conditioners VJ series See table 1 to 3 below  
M series - ×  
D series - ×  
R series - ×  
F series - ×  
W series - ×  
P series - ×  
G series - ×  
H series - ×  
Precision resistance X010 ×  
Handy Terminal JHT200  
Surge Arresters AR series AR ×  
AR1 series AR1 ×  
DIN rail adapter AR8 -  

Table 1. Products compliant to NLF

Series Model and
Suffix Codes
Product Name NLF
VJ series VJ77 PC-based Parameters Setting Tool Except for the option “/C0”, “/FB”.
VJA7 Distributor
VJH7 Isolator
VJU7 Universal Computing Unit
VJX7 Universal Computing Unit
VJS7 Potentiometer Transmitter
VJUK Limit Alarm for Universal Input

Table 2. Products NOT compliant to NLF (impossible of sale to EU market than March 1, 2017)

Series Model and
Suffix Codes
Product Name NLF
VJ series VJA1-0□7-A□□0/□ Distributor ×  
VJET-013-1000/□ Ethernet/RS-485 Converter ×  
VJF1-017-□□N0/□ Pneumatic to Electrical Transducer ×  
VJH1-0□7-□□□0/□ Isolator ×  
VJQ0-0□7-□■□0/□ Analog/Pulse Transmitter × ■: 1 or N
VJQ8-0□7-□□□0/□ Pulse/Analog Transmitter ×  
VJR6-0□7-□□□□/□ RTD Converter ×  
VJSS-□□7-□□□0/□ High / Low Selector ×  
VJT6-0□7-□□□□/□ Thermocouple Converter ×  
VJCE-01□/□ VJ Mounting Base ×  

Table 3. Non CE marking models (impossible of sale to EU market.)

Series Model and
Suffix Codes
Product Name NLF
VJ series VJA1 Distributor × *2
VJA4 Distributor(non-isolated) ×  
VJA5 Distributor(with Square Root Extractor) ×  
VJAK Limit Alarm for DC current input × *1
VJB1 CT Transmitter(R.M.S.) ×  
VJB3 AC Transmitter(R.M.S.) ×  
VJC1 Loop Powered Isolator ×  
VJD1 Tachometer Transmitter ×  
VJET Ethernet/RS-485 Converter × *2
VJF1 Pneumatic to Electrical Transducer × *2
VJG1 PT Transmitter (R.M.S.) ×  
VJH1 Isolator ×  
VJHF Super Speed Isolator ×  
VJHK Limit Alarm for DC voltage input × *1
VJHR Reverse Isolator ×  
VJMK Limit Alarm for mV input × *1
VJP1 Pulse Repeater ×  
VJP4 Pulse Rate Converter ×  
VJP8 Pulse Rate Converter ×  
VJQ0 Analog/Pulse Transmitter × *2
VJQ7 Analog/Pulse Transmitter ×  
VJQ8 Pulse/Analog Transmitter ×  
VJQK Limit Alarm for Pulse inout ×  
VJR6 RTD Converter ×  
VJRK Limit Alarm for RTD input × *2
VJSK Limit Alarm for Potentiometer input × *1
VJSS High / Low Selector × *2
VJT6 Thermocouple Converter × *2
VJTK Limit Alarm for Thermocouple input × *1
VJXS Universal Computing Unit ×  
VJCE VJ Mounting Base × *2
*1: Supports RoHS as of February 20, 2017. Cannot be shipped to European market.
*2: Only Model and
Suffix Codes listed on table 2 can be shipped to European market until February 28, 2017.

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