Quality Analytics

Our Quality Analytics solution helps customers identify abnormal events and causes which may lead to poor quality products, utilizing a pattern recognition technology and the following steps:

  • Identifies efficient/inefficient assets and high/low quality products by utilizing statistical analysis of historical process data
  • Identifies the root cause in the assets and products
  • Infers the state of asset and product quality on real time using the result of the analysis

Customer Challenge

Maintaining Quality of Products

Ensuring the quality of products is one of the most important issues in quality management, and many plants struggle to achieve this goal. One typical challenge is the difficulty in managing quality variation in raw materials as they tend to produce final products which do not satisfy their customers' needs, despite following their identical operating procedures. Also, some plants are forced to use aging assets, which adds more difficulty to achieving targets. Plants must analyze various data to identify problems, but often depend on operators' experience and knowledge, which is not reliable.

Our Solutions

Comprehensive methodologies combining our advanced analytics software with our skilled data analysts

Comprehensive Methodologies to:

  • minimize false detection,
  • predict abnormalities,
  • suppress variation of product quality,
  • optimize processing in quality,
  • and monitor in real-time

Advanced Analytics Software – “Process Data Analytics” (refer to Enabling Technology)

Skilled Data Analysts

Experienced projects in over 120 Japanese process companies with combined knowledge in:

  • Plant measurement/control
  • Statistical analysis
  • Chemical engineering
  • Quality engineering
  • Process engineering 

Customer Benefits

Addressing Problems Promptly

Our quality analytics solution detects subtle differences, imbalances, and changes that operators can not easily discover. This enables plants to find these changes in asset and product quality, and more importantly, to predict abnormalities faster and more precisely. This also leads to greater efficiencies in the data screening process.

Enabling Technology

Process Data Analytics

This software enables users to analyze production operations using temperature, pressure, flow rate, liquid level, and other process data as well as data on facility operations and equipment maintenance collected by a plant information management system (PIMS), DCS, or PLC. 

Process Data Analytics use the MT method for the analysis of multiple statistical variables. The MT method is a pattern recognition technology born by the concept of the variation in quality engineering society. It is used as a method of analyzing multivariate data and developing multidimensional measurement scales for diagnosis and forecasting.


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