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Yokogawa Electric Corporation






Application Examples

Title Products
Monitoring and Recording Wind Direction and Speed Paperless recorder (DX2000)
Power Metering and Temperature Control in a Vegetable Factory Paperless recorder (GX20)
Power Monitor (PR300)
Wind Speed and Direction Monitoring Paperless recorder (DX1000, DX2000)
Running Program Patterns Using Ladder Functions Digital indicating controller (UT55A, UT52A)
Data Management Solutions for Green Energy Yokogawa provides complete solutions for green energy with a variety of measurement/control instruments PDF Paperless recorder (DX1000, DX2000)
Power monitor (PR300)
Single-loop controller (YS1000)
Data acquisition unit (MW100)
Digital indicating controller (UT55A)
Pulp & Paper Solution
Instruments and Solution for Pulp & Paper Industry PDF
Control and measurement station (CX1000)
Single-loop controller (YS1000)
Application Example of the Custom Display Paperless recorder (DX1000, DX2000)
Display and Recording of Test Data from Thermostatic Chambers Industrial recorder (µR10000, µR20000)
Temperature Compensation of Flow Single-loop controller (YS1000)
Signal conditioner (JUXTA)
Monitoring Temperature in Clean Rooms Data acquisition unit (MW100)
Remote Monitoring System for Boiler Equipment Using Network Functions and a Public Phone Line Paperless recorder (DX2000)

Customer's Voice

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