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Versatile and durable Flow & Density measurements with ROTAMASS 3 Series

The Coriolis Principle-> (PDF)

Given any task, Rotamass will measure Mass flow rate, density and temperature of your process. The Rotamass is the right choice for your day to day application with best in class features like: discrete & seamless tubes, high density accuracy and box in box sensor design that is uniquely decoupled from process vibration and pipeline stresses.

The Rotamass measures gas or liquid medium – even slurries. Ranging from very low flow measurement of 0,045kg/h to temperatures of up to 350ºC (662 ºF). With its state of the art features, e.g. online concentration measurements and advanced diagnostic capability for entrained gas (2 phase flow), flow tubes corrosion detection and empty tubes detection, the Rotamass is your perfect answer in flow measurement. With self draining tubes capability, the Rotamass can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position, ensuring self draining at all times. The Rotamass meets the highest requirements for use in hazardous area. It is also equipped with unique, robust “box in box” design, which decoupled the Rotamass from external oscillation and mechanical stresses.

Given the high flexibility and multi-variable features, Rotamass is the solution to your flow applications. From medium ranging from Oil to Milk, or liquefied gas to molten tar, Rotamass can be installed in process plants or on a truck without compromising in its accuracy and stability.

No other flow technologies can offer you with such a high return as the Rotamass 3 Series.

Product specification ROTAMASS 3 Series

For Pipe Sizes DN 8 to 200 (¼“ to 8“)
Process Connections Flange or threaded
Electronics Integral, remote field or rack mount
Measuring Range Up to 600 t/h (0 to 22046 Ib/min)
Measuring Tube Materials StainStainless steel 1.4404 (316L) or
HASTELLOY 2.4602 (C 22)
Process Temp. Range -200° C to +350° C (-328° F to +662° F)
Tube Process Pressure Up to 285 bar (4133 psi) for SS316L
Ambient Temperature -50° C to 80° C (-58° F to 176° F)
Accuracy Mass Flow* ±0.1 % liquid
±0.5 % gas
Accuracy Density ±0.5 g/l or ±1 g/l (options K6 or K4)
Accuracy Temperature ±0.5 ºC
Display 4 Line LCD backlited, Multi language
Ex-approvals ATEX, FM (US, C), IECEx or GOST
Signal Outputs/ Inputs 2 x 4 to 20 mA (1 x HART®)
2 x pulse/frequency/status output
1 status input
Communication HART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, Modbus
Power Supply 90 to 264 V AC
20,5 to 28,8 V DC
Protection Class IP 67
Comments Advanced diagnostic features as standard
Up to 300 m (1000 ft) between sensor and converter
Heat tracing versions available (options /T2 or /T3)
Suitable for high gas content (size dependent)
Slug flow detection and compensation
Special options on request
* of measured value

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