Cyber Security Awareness Training

Industrial Cyber Security Awareness

The reality for most organisations is that, despite their best cyber defences, they are going to experience a cyber-attack at some point. A resilient cyber security program is all about the ability to not only deter and resist attacks but also to detect and recover from them, returning to regular operation with minimal downtime. Knowing what cyber security threats and vulnerabilities are is the first step in minimising your cyber security risks. Designing, deploying and maintaining cyber security countermeasures requires a well-planned road map. It is essential to consider the differences in architecture, organisational needs and services to keep your production environment secure.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Human error due to a lack of cyber security knowledge and awareness is a leading cause of industrial cyber-incidents. Education and awareness training are essential cyber security controls that should be in place as early as possible. Yokogawa provides a suite of cyber security training which is designed to address the different functional levels and responsibilities within your organisation. The suite provides structured or tailored training programmes with appropriate levels of awareness for management, experts, engineers and users.


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