Compressor Anti-surge Control

Compressor Control

  • Compressor start and stop
    The inlet valve and blow-off valve are controlled efficiently.
  • During steady-state operation
    The inlet valve is controlled to regulate the blow-off flow rate of the compressed air. (Flow control)

Compressor Anti-surge Control

  • Selector control (YS's proprietary algorithm)
    The controlled object can be automatically switched over between two different factors, namely, flow rate and pressure.
  • Fast 50 ms control period (programmable mode)
    Enables follow-up of sudden process changes, and ensures smooth switching.
  • User programming
    Control including a start-up sequence can be tailored for various compressors.

Compressor Anti-surge Control


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Der programmierbare Regler mit Anzeige YS1700 zeichnet sich dank der eigenen Technologie von Yokogawa, der Benutzerfreundlichkeit und der Erweiterbarkeit durch hohe Zuverlässigkeit aus und kann individuell über ein Benutzerprogramm an verschiedene Anwendungen angepasst werden.


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