Remote Data Synchronization (Exaquantum/RDS)

The Problem

Exaquantum PIMS systems are often located in remote locations and accessing the key historian data can be difficult especially over volatile network links, such as satellite or microwave connections.

The Solution

Exaquantum/RDS (Remote Data Synchronization), a key component of Yokogawa’s specialist connectivity solutions, deployed on two or more Exaquantum PIMS historians provides secure and reliable data communication.

Exaquantum/RDS (Remote Data Synchronization) enables the easy transfer of synchronization data between two remotely connected Exaquantum servers connected by fluctuating bandwidth, for example satellite and microwave links. As a result Exaquantum/RDS enables data to be transferred securely and efficiently in near-real time or slower where the update rate is not so crucial. For increased security data transfer can be encrypted.


  • Secure and reliable data transfer method between Exaquantum servers
  • Maintain duplicate data sets for backup and testing purposes
  • Remote data can be made available for processing by higher end applications
  • Multiple data sources can be combined at a single destination.

Key Features

  • Communication between Exaquantum historians across potentially volatile network links
  • Suitable for data transfer via satellites, microwave, internet, etc.
  • Can be bidirectional
  • Configurable data transfer delay
  • Ability to apply data encryption
  • Transferred Exaquantum historical data includes the following:
    • Process data
    • Calculation results
    • Manually entered data
    • 3rd party supplied data
    • Aggregations
    • Alarm and Events
    • Tag Reference Data such as ‘Units of Measure’ and ‘Description’
  • Sub-sets of Exaquantum tags can be transferred.

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