CTR-008 - OT-Security Awareness E-Learning Course

Does everybody in your organization understand the need for security? Does everyone in your organization understand the risk that security gaps could bring? Is everybody in your organization Security Aware?

Awareness means understanding the threats and the risks, including what is your role in this. Additionally, this training guides you in the steps of setting up a cybersecurity program. Starting from Policies and Procedures to high-level technical solutions.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass es sich bei diesem Training um ein Awareness-Training handelt und nicht um ein tiefgehendes technisches Training. Daher ist es für jeden geeignet, der ein Verständnis für OT-Security entwickeln möchte. Dieses interaktive englischsprachige E-Learning-Training kann individuell absolviert werden.


Module 1: Cyber Attacks and Consequences

  • Understand types of Cyber Attacks
  • Explain the consequences of Security Breaches

Module 2: OT Security Program and Regulations

  • Identify IT and OT differences
  • Explain the steps of an OT Security Program
  • Describe the regulations and standards protecting the OT


  • Explain OT Security Building Blocks
  • Explain an OT Security Program



Everybody who workes close to OT, the training is not limited to technical staff.


No prior knowledge is required.

The training is in English and web-based with the support of Chrome and Edge.

The trainee will receive an email with an invitation and credentials.


CTR-008 - OT-Security Awareness E-Learning Course
1 Stunde
On demand
200 € / Person
Mindestens 10 Personen
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