Daqstation DXAdvanced Multi-batch Function

By using the Multibatch function (an option added with SMARTDAC+), you can efficiently record data from multiple devices onto a single SMARTDAC+.

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Using the Multibatch function


  • Using the Multibatch function, recorders installed at multiple facilities are centralized onto a single SMARTDAC+, and independent data files can be saved for each facility.
  • Record Start/Stop can also be controlled separately by batch.
  • Greatly reduces equipment costs plus the time spent on acquiring and checking data.
  • You can monitor recording status by batch in a single screen, the Batch Overview screen.
  • The maximum number of batches is 6 with the GX10, or 12 with the GX20.


Zugehörige Produkte & Lösungen

Touchscreen GX10/GX20

Der SMARTDAC+TM Der GX10/GX20 ist ein Datenrecorder mit Mehrpunkt-Touchscreen und bietet ein intuitives benutzerorientiertes Design, webbasierte Funktionalität und skalierbare Architektur.


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