2016 Notas de Prensa


Yokogawa and Russia's Gazprom Neft Agree to Establish International Center for Innovation

- For the optimization of operations and training of engineers at Russian refineries -

dic 16, 2016
Yokogawa Releases ISA100 Wireless™-based Field Wireless Vibration Sensor with Fast Data Updates and Long Battery Life
dic 12, 2016
Yokogawa Announces Subsidiary Stock Transfer (PDF: 80KB/1P)
dic 5, 2016


Yokogawa Announces Acquisition of Soteica Visual Mesa (SVM) and Integration of SVM and Industrial Knowledge into KBC to Enhance Delivery of New Value to Customers
nov 16, 2016
Yokogawa makes strategic equity investment in Bayshore Networks
nov 7, 2016
Yokogawa Sets up Architecture Development Division California
nov 7, 2016


Yokogawa to Distribute CiDRA's Line of SONARtrac Flow and Entrained Air Measurement Systems in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Korea
oct 21, 2016
Yokogawa Releases YTA610 Temperature Transmitter
oct 18, 2016
Yokogawa Develops Process Data Analytics Software for the Early Detection of Production Quality Issues

- Used in combination with a Yokogawa analytical service to ensure high product quality -

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oct 6, 2016


Yokogawa Releases the EJXC40A Digital Remote Sensor, a New DPharp EJX® Series Differential Pressure Transmitter
sep 15, 2016
Yokogawa Releases Plant Resource Manager (PRM®) R3.31
sep 6, 2016


Yokogawa Releases FieldMate® R3.02 Versatile Device Management Wizard
ago 8, 2016


Yokogawa Invests in Silicon Valley-based Fog Computing Startup

- Strengthening value creation through the use of IIoT -

jul 28, 2016
Yokogawa's CENTUM VP R6 Receives the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize of the 46th Machine Industry Design Awards
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jul 15, 2016
Yokogawa Wins Major Refinery Control Systems Order from S-Oil Corporation
jul 14, 2016
Yokogawa Releases Exaquantum™ R3.02
jul 12, 2016


Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases Three New OTDR Units for AQ7280 Series Modular Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
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jun 21, 2016
Yokogawa Receives SCADA System Order for Gas Distribution Pipeline Project in Bangladesh
jun 15, 2016
Yokogawa Develops CSU-SR Confocal Scanner Unit

- A Yokogawa solution for the super-resolution imaging of live cells -

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jun 10, 2016


Yokogawa Launches ROTAMASS Total Insight Product Portfolio
may 24, 2016
Yokogawa Europe launches ASI - Analyser Systems Integration service
may 24, 2016
Yokogawa Releases CENTUM® VP R6.03 Integrated Production Control System
may 19, 2016


Announcement of Completion of Acquisition of KBC by Yokogawa
abr 13, 2016


Yokogawa to Commence Production of Differential Pressure/Pressure Transmitters in India
mar 24, 2016
Candidates for Director, Audit & Supervisory Board Member, and Audit & Supervisory Board Substitute Member (PDF: 53KB/3P)
mar 22, 2016
Yokogawa Concludes Agreement with Statoil to Jointly Develop a Field Wireless System
mar 2, 2016


Yokogawa Releases Plant Resource Manager (PRM®) R3.30

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the February 29 release of version R3.30 of its Plant Resource Manager (PRM®) software tool for the centralized management of large amounts of data from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment. PRM R3.30 is an upgrade to R3.20 and includes an improved management function for HART®* and enhancements to the navigation function. With this new PRM version, Yokogawa aims to capture a larger share of the plant maintenance market.

* A field network communications protocol developed by the HART Communication Foundation. While the latest version of this protocol is HART7, HART5 and 6 are still in wide use.

Development Background

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve maintenance efficiency by using software tools like PRM that can centrally manage large amounts of maintenance and other types of data from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment. Maintenance personnel use such data to reduce plant downtime and enhance safety by proactively spotting and responding to device failures.

To optimize plant operations, it is essential not only to keep devices in good working order but also to have up-to-date information on device status and maintain records on all maintenance work that is performed. Such information is most useful if operators of control and safety instrumented systems can view it on screen at their human interface stations (HIS).

With such needs in mind, Yokogawa has developed new functions for its PRM tool that facilitate the collection of information from field devices for use in optimizing device maintenance and plant operations.


  1. Quick access to HART device status information
    PRM can now obtain start-up, stop, failure, and other status information from Yokogawa HART7 compliant devices in almost real time via the N-IO (Network-IO) field input/output (IO) device that was developed for use with the latest version (R4.01) of the ProSafe®-RS safety instrumented system, which was released to the market in November 2015. For other companies' HART5, 6, and 7 compliant devices, PRM can collect information at 1 minute intervals. With PRM R3.20, data collection at intervals of 10 to 60 minutes was supported.
  2. Intuitive display of device information
    Icons indicating the importance of individual devices are now displayed in the device status window of the navigation screen. If a problem occurs somewhere in the plant, operators can use this information and the self-diagnostic information displayed for the devices to make a quick, priority-based response.
  3. Targeted issuance of alarms
    PRM has a maintenance alarm function that issues alarms for display at CENTUM® series integrated production control system HISs. Previously, alarms were issued to all HISs. With this latest version of PRM, it is now possible to specify which HIS should receive alarms from a specific device. Individual operators now only receive alarms from those devices that they are responsible for.

About Plant Resource Manager (PRM)

PRM is a software package that centrally manages large amounts of status and maintenance information from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment. With PRM, users can monitor the status of their devices and perform online diagnosis via a network. In addition, PRM centrally manages maintenance information, including device ledgers, in a database, and supplies maintenance information for plant field devices and equipment to maintenance personnel.

Major Target Markets

Industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, iron and steel, pulp and paper, electric power, and wastewater treatment


Maintenance of field devices in plants and the operation of plants

About Yokogawa
Yokogawa's global network of 88 companies spans 56 countries. Founded in 1915, the US$3.5 billion company engages in cutting-edge research and innovation. Yokogawa is active in the industrial automation and control (IA), test and measurement, and aviation and other businesses segments. The IA segment plays a vital role in a wide range of industries including oil, chemicals, natural gas, power, iron and steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and food. For more information about Yokogawa, please visit

feb 26, 2016
Yokogawa to Supply Turbine Control Systems for Mongolia's Largest Thermal Power Plant
feb 18, 2016
Recommended Cash Acquisition of KBC Advanced Technologies plc by Yokogawa Electric Corporation ("Acquisition")
feb 17, 2016
Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases AQ6376 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

- For precisely assessing the properties of 3-µm lasers -

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feb 15, 2016
Yokogawa to Receive Control Systems Orders for 12 Combined Cycle Power Plants in Thailand
feb 12, 2016
Yokogawa Launches Industrial Knowledge Business Unit to Enhance Cloud-based Advanced Solution Business

- Multi-enterprise collaboration and integration for creating customer value -

feb 9, 2016


Yokogawa Wins Control System Orders for Large Thermal Power and Desalination Plants in Qatar
ene 17, 2016
Yokogawa Acquires Cloud Data Service Provider Industrial Evolution, Inc.
ene 7, 2016

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