2019 Notas de Prensa


Yokogawa Releases SensPlus Note, an OpreX Operation and Maintenance Improvement Solution for the Digitization of Field Data Using Mobile Devices
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nov 26, 2019
Yokogawa Acquires Nanopipette Technology from US Venture for Use in Life Science Applications

- Low invasiveness enables single-cell injection of target substances and extraction of intracellular materials -

nov 12, 2019
Yokogawa Releases ProSafe-RS R4.05.00, the Latest Version of a Core Product in the OpreX Control and Safety System Family

- Use of Yokogawa-developed microprocessor unit for long-term product lifecycle support -

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nov 1, 2019


ExRobotics and Yokogawa Collaborate to Accelerate Adoption of Robotics for Inspection of Facilities in Hazardous Environments
oct 23, 2019
Yokogawa Releases Dynamic Real Time Optimizer, a New Solution in the OpreX Asset Operations and Optimization Family

- Improving productivity and maximizing profits by quickly responding to dynamically changing market conditions -

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oct 11, 2019


Yokogawa Acquires RAP International, Specialists in Control of Work for Field Service and Plant Maintenance

- Integration of RAP and Yokogawa solutions to improve safety and efficiency of plant maintenance activities

sep 9, 2019


Yokogawa Recognized with Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Value Leadership Award for Integrated Performance Management
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jul 30, 2019
Yokogawa Releases CENTUM VP R6.07

- Enhancements to this core product in the OpreX Control and Safety System family that improve connectivity and productivity -

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jul 16, 2019
Yokogawa to Establish Open Process Automation Test Bed for ExxonMobil
jul 9, 2019


Yokogawa Takes Strategic Stake in Finnish Company Sensire Ltd. to Pursue Collaboration in Cold Chain Monitoring
jun 6, 2019


Yokogawa Releases FAST/TOOLS R10.04 Real-time Operations Management and Visualization Software

- An OpreX Control and Safety System solution with enhanced capabilities for seamless system integration -

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abr 17, 2019


Yokogawa Establishes Yokogawa Norge

- Expanding our business in the renewable energy, pharmaceutical, and food industries -

mar 25, 2019


Yokogawa Joins Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World Index
ene 23, 2019
Yokogawa to Release a Real-time Cavitation Detection System
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ene 17, 2019

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