Yokogawa Releases Exaquantum™ R3.02

Improved web and data analysis functions to enhance plant operations

Amersfoort, The Netherlands - 12 July, 2016 

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the July 13 release of an update to the Exaquantum™ plant information management system (PIMS). Release R3.02 provides improved web and data analysis functions that will enhance plant operations.

Development Background

An ever increasing amount of plant data is being collected, stored, and analysed to understand what is happening within a plant so that appropriate operational improvements can be made, and this is resulting in a rising need for PIMSs with advanced capabilities. In response, Yokogawa has improved Exaquantum by adding new web and data analysis functions that will assist users in gaining the insights required to enhance their plant operations. 


1. Improved web-based functionality
To improve visibility of significant plant events, users can add annotations to trend graphs that provide additional information, detailed analysis, and links to documents and web pages that can be accessed using Exaquantum/Web. These can be shared with others, including Exaquantum/Explorer users. 

To aid in the identification of relationships between data, Exaquantum/Web users can now make use of X-Y Plot controls to create trend graphs that can be used within Internet Explorer or Safari (tablet) browsers. These graphs can be utilized for such purposes as predicting compressor surges and analysing PID loops. 

2. Windows 10
ExaquantumTM adds support for Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system. 

3. New data analysis functions
New optional functions are available to evaluate and draw insights from the large amounts of process data, alarm and events, and other types of data collected and stored by Exaquantum PIMS. These include an ISA-18.2* and IEC 62682* compliant alarm management function, a safety management function, and a manufacturing information function.
* Standards that address the required and recommended work processes during the alarm management lifecycle stages, which are: alarm philosophy, identification, rationalization, detailed design, implementation, operation, maintenance, monitoring and assessment, management of change, and auditing 

Main Markets

Industries such as oil & gas, refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, electric power, pulp and paper, foods, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment. 

About Exaquantum

Exaquantum is a plant information management system (PIMS) that is used in a wide variety of industries, including oil & gas, refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, electric power, pulp and paper, foods, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment. 

The large amount of data stored in a control system is an important asset that can be used by management to improve productivity, quality, and safety. Exaquantum acquires, processes, and stores control system data and provides it to applications in the manufacturing execution system (MES) domain for use in managing and analysing operations. Exaquantum provides an environment in which data can be analysed, not only from the viewpoint of plant operations and management, but also from a business perspective, facilitating the flow of information at field and management levels and making real-time management a reality. 

Yokogawa will continue to utilize Exaquantum to create value with its customers and expand its solutions business. 

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