CellLibrarian is a powerful solution to manage a volume of image data acquired by Yokogawa CellVoyager series.

Phenotype experiments with imaging keep creating a huge data set which researchers need to store, search, review and analyze repeatedly. Also, the data sometimes needs to be shared with group members and collaborators in global.

CellLibrarian is a powerful solution to manage a volume of image data acquired by Yokogawa CellVoyager.
The CellLibrarian data management system lets multiple researchers access to the data through the internet, to view and share the images remotely. The system makes your high content analysis easier, more efficient and expanding.



Configuration of the CellLibrarian system

The CellLibrarian is configurated as a center of CellVoyager HCA system, where its image data is stored, annotated and analyzed.

Data format

CellLibrarian supports imaging data acquired by the products below.

  • CellVoyager series※1※2
    • High-throughput Cytological Discovery System CellVoyager CV8000
    • High-throughput Cytological Discovery System CellVoyager CV7000S
    • High-throughput Cytological Discovery System CellVoyager CV7000

※1 Data acquired by CV control software older than R1.08.02 is not supported.
※2 CV1000 is not supported.


Cell Voyager logoCell voyager img

  • Ultimate HCA system for high-quality imaging and high-throughput screening with water immersion objectives and multiple cameras.
  • Built-in robot pipetter for kinetic assays.

High-throughput Cytological Discovery System CellVoyager CV8000  Click Here For More Info!

Hardware Specification

Recommended server specification for CellLibrarian.

Model Dell PowerEdge T330
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1220 v6
Memory 32GB
HDD 10TB x8, RAID5
OS Red Hat Enterprise linux 7.4
Moniter Outside Japan : Arranged by dealer
24 in. wide monitor x1, 1920 x 1200 Pixels


The above server was confirmed to provide standard functions and performances of CellLibrarian software.
To purchase only the software, please contact us.


CellLibrarian is based on OMERO  and Bio-Formats  which are built by OME, and licensed and customized by Glencoe Software.

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We have been developing a prototype of a genomic drug test support system using our CSU confocal scanner. This system administers chemical compounds that serve as potential drug candidates into living cells, which are the most basic components of all living organisms, records the changes in the amount and localization of target molecules inside cells with the CSU confocal scanner and a highly sensitive CCD camera, and processes and quantifies the captured high-resolution image data.



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YOKOGAWA will contribute to technology evolution particularly in measurement and analytical tools to help build a world where researchers will increasingly focus on insightful interpretation of data, and advancing Life Science to benefit humanity.


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