The benefits of putting customers first

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Executive Summary

Started in 2019 and located in Mestrino, Italy, BEREVA is a young, creative, and lean company that provides easy-to-use and smart solutions for refrigeration market. 

They are a startup of the Belimo Group, an international group located in Hinwil, Switzerland. The company develops, produces and markets actuators for controlling heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Actuators and control valves make up the company's core business, and it is considered a global leader in motor control for HVAC. Newer products have integrated sensors and control electronics.


BEREVA was founded to follow and to implement a new concept of valve suitable for use in a fluid other than water. This idea led to the release on the market of a smart valve named XBALL able to improve productivity, safety, energy consumption, and duration of the refrigeration machines.

They also feature an advanced laboratory, called BEREVALAB, that supports their client partners in the development of innovative solutions based on the integration of smart valves. It has been specifically created to design, develop, test, and monitor components or systems in a technologically advanced environment capable of replicating the actual operating conditions of cooling systems.

The Challenges and the Solutions

The laboratory was built from scratch, so BEREVA, primarily their group of young and very open-minded engineers, had to face this issue. They were looking for solutions and they were open to suggestions. 

Often PLCs are considered as a first option to create monitoring and data acquisition systems because of their low upfront cost. However, usually that expense only covers the hardware part. If we look at the picture from a higher perspective, we need to consider that each new functionality must be programmed and, more important, must be tested to ensure that everything is working correctly. This process requires time and money so that that final solution could not be so convenient in the long term after all.

Yokogawa Italy  understood this need of the customer and exploited the request for a quotation of a ROTAMASS TI (Total Insight) to present and to show SMARTDAC+ devices to BEREVA. This new generation of paperless recorders offers a ready-to-use solution for acquiring and processing data thus saving a lot of time, effort, and money if compared to the work involved to design and to implement a complete solution using PLCs. 

SMARTDAC+ Data Acquisition & Control

Real-time remote monitoring and configuration from a web browser, the modularity of the system, the mathematical functions and the custom display feature were really a plus to meet customer’s demands. 

The modularity allows them to change the setup of their system based on their end users’ specifications (if needed) while the math functions enable required calculations for their analysis. This combined with custom displays and reports, which are postprocessed by BEREVA via Python language, met all the expectations of the customer who soon realized the quality and the added value of Yokogawa devices.


Customer Satisfaction

On 18 November 2021, BEREVA opened its lab in an elegant ceremony.


Customer invited Yokogawa members to this event as a token of appreciation. Yokogawa’s quality and solutions have been really appreciated. 

It is not only a matter of technical features meeting  their expectations. They are really pleased by the technical support provided before and after the orders, even because it was considered completely in line with BEREVA’s way of operating always putting customers first. 

Moreover, BEREVA placed a picture of SMARTDAC+ in the center of their "About Us" website section, ( and they also released a corporate video highlighting SMARTDAC+ and Rotamass TI on their LinkedIn account:: (


It is a great success of Yokogawa’s continuous support and hospitality for the customer in accordance with our core values.