GA10 Data Logging Software - AI notifies you of anomalies

AI notifies you of anomalies

GA10 is PC-based data logging software for monitoring and recording data by connecting to devices distributed in a factory. The software is easy to install and configure, so you can start using it right away for monitoring data.

Now with an AI-based Anomaly Detection function, the AI notifies you of anomalies before equipment abnormalities occur.
GA10's AI is very easy to use. Instead of having to prepare data in advance, just click the AI Learn button and the AI starts learning your equipment's normal operation while monitoring it. When it detects abnormal operation or signs thereof, it notifies you that something is "anomalous." Using this function lets you quickly discover units with abnormal trends from a large number of equipment, and perform maintenance before abnormalities occur.

Get started by downloading the free GA10 trial version from the Partner Portal(Log-in Required).

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