The PK200 current-to-pneumatic (I/P) converter offers a low-cost method to convert a milliamp input (4-20 or 10-50mA analog signals) to a proportional pneumatic (air pressure) output. The unit is designed for a broad range of process control applications, including those that feature pneumatic actuating equipment. The PK200 features built-in stainless steel input/output gauges. The reliable PK200 performs electronic feedback control while maintaining accuracy of ±0.5 percent of span and linearity of ±0.2 percent of span. Built with energy savings in mind, the PK200 consumes only 4 normal liters/minute (4 NL/min) air while providing output air capacity of 110 NL/min. PK200 complements Yokogawa's existing line of Quality Solutions for its North American customers: pressure and temperature transmitters, flowmeters, on-line analyzers, recorders, digital loop controllers and an entire family of distributed control systems.



-Highly accurate signal conversion with minimum effects from process environments
Stainless steel bracket, epoxy coating, and other optional specifications allow the PK200 to be used in a variety of applications.

-Highly reliable, accurate electronic feedback

-Energy-saving design for improved economy
Max. air consumption: 4 Nl/min when air supply pressure is 140 kPa
Max. output air capacity: 110 Nl/min when air supply pressure is 140 kPa

-Excellent operability by access to only one side of the product


Linearity ±0.2% of span
Hysteresis 0.2% of span
Repeatability 0.1% of span
Input Signal 4 to 20mA DC /10 to 50mA DC
Air Supply Pressure 140kPa (Standard Output)
240kPa (Doubled output)
Air Consumption Max. 4 Nl/min. or 0.24 Nm3 /hr at 140 kPa (20 psi) air supply pressure.
Output Air Capacity Max. 110 Nl/min. or 6.6 Nm3 /hr at 140 kPa (20 psi) air supply pressure.
Output Signal 20 to 100kPa (Standard Output)
40 to 200kPa (Doubled output)
Operating Temperature Limits -40 to 80 deg C (-40 to 176 deg F) (General use)
Supply Air, Output Signal, Output Gauge Connections Rc1/4 or 1/4 NPT female
Electrical Connection G1/2, G3/4, 1/2 NPT or 3/4 NPT female
Mounting Surface or 2-inch pipe.
Approximate Weight 2.8kg


Yokogawa Technical Report

Recent improvements in digital signal processing and network technologies have enabled advanced functions to be built into field devices, such as diagnostics and local controls, which could not be incorporated in traditional 4-20 mA analog field devices.


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