Programmable Logic Controllers

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an industrial computer with inputs and outputs used in the control and automation of industrial processes.  A PLC is designed to withstand more harsh factory conditions and provide real time deterministic control and monitoring.

Yokogawa PLCs offer the fastest update rates for high speed applications and are electrically and environmentally robust.

  • FA-M3

    Featuring ultra high-speed, stable control, link functions and improved network performance, the FA-M3V controller is created by improving every aspect to deliver stable control at the highest speeds.

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 Range-free controller covers versatile range of system in single model

The FA-M3 provides system expandability, unlimited by system size, and also allows the use of common spare parts. To expand the system, simply add desired modules, all of the same size. The installation leaves ample room within the control panel for standardization and efficiency improvement through panel design. With the FA-M3 PLC, a developer can give full rein to his creativity to build systems and realize control that fits his applications.




Main Unit and Sub-Unit

The main unit accommodates up to seven sub-units for installing additional I/O modules.
This provides up to 8,192 range-free I/O points.



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With the recent rapid advancement of technology, user equipment has become more and more complicated, diversified and faster. This has been imposing an increase in engineering costs and increasingly many users require devices facilitating customization and the reuse of past resources (legacies).



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