Important notice: F3CU04/F3CX04

Request for firmware Update to fix a nonconformance

We found a firmware nonconformance relating to the Temperature Control and PID Module / Temperature Monitoring Module F3CU04/F3CX04.
The following describes how to handle the problem.

Target Modules

  • F3CU04-0H REV 00:00, REV 01:00, REV 02:00
  • F3CU04-1H REV 00:00, REV 01:00, REV 02:00
  • F3CX04-0H REV 00:00, REV 02:00

* The number on the left side of ":" is the firmware revision, and the number on the right side is the hardware revision.



Nonconformance regarding setting retention function, reference contact compensation, output curvilinear approximation function, two-input switching control (two-input switching mode), Burnout Detection  and Startup cooperative operation.



Please access software download site from the following link and get the firmware update program, then update your firmware with it.
Scheduled release date is 2023/04/24.

Download software (Member site : login required)
Please go to "PLC/PAC & Embedded Controller" from the right navigation "Useful Links".
Please go to "Software Download" in FA-M3 User Support.

  • Firmware Update Program for Temperature Control and PID Module / Temperature Monitoring Module (F3CU04/F3CX04)

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