Monitoring System for Engine Durability Testing

Data Acquisition while Changing Measurement Conditions

In durability testing of engines, revolutions and load control signals are applied and the results are acquired on a recorder. Using the Data Acquisition System SMARTDAC+ GM's PID control module, you can record data while simultaneously applying control signals.

Monitoring System for Engine Durability Testing

  • SMARTDAC+ GM can register up to 99 types of test patterns and test efficiently.
  • Up to 20 analog signals can be generated at the same time.

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    SMARTDAC+TM GM10 data logger has a modular architecture that can acquire necessary data. By supporting not only I/O but also many communication protocols such as 920MHz wireless, Modbus and so on. Monitor and setting changes are available through Bluetooth. Supporting FDA 21 CFR Part11 and AMS2750E/NADCAP.

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