Monitor stirrer to maintain condition of paint in the tank

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Quality control in vehicle painting process



The customer wants to collect and manage the agitation state of the paint tanks used for vehicle painting.
Quality is ensured by grasping the stirring state of these paints.
Against this expectation, the Multi-Sensing Remote I/O Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X can correctly sense various sensors in 1 unit, and DATA collection can be easily monitored via Ethernet (Modbus/TCP).


Customer Benefits

  • VZ20X can be installed in small space in the control panel, no need to arrange new control panel and the data is smartly monitored by Data Logging Software GA10


  • Maintain condition of paint in the tank


  • Measure conditions of stirrer with VZ20X and monitor them with GA10 from operation room
  • Measurement for Stirrer : Vibration, temperature, current for power

Monitoring for equipment


  • VZ20X can be installed in small space in the control panel
  • Start data monitoring quickly only with GA10 and ethernet cable

Product recommendation

  • Multi-Sensing Remote I/O Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X
    A sample program for system construction is introduced.
    *As of April 2022, the Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X is sold in Asia Pacific and the Middle East areas.
  • Data Logging Software GA10
    60-day free trial is available.

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