Monitoring damage and corrosion for auto parts coating

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Real-time monitoring of current values flowing through electrodes during the coating process

In the painting process of automobile parts, failure or corrosion of electrodes can lead to quality degradation.
In addition, the current lack of electrode condition monitoring has resulted in the replacement of electrodes in a short period of time, a problem that is extremely costly.
To address these issues, we monitor the deterioration of production facilities and contribute to the realization of maintenance tailored to the conditions of the equipment.

Auto parts
Auto parts

Customer benefit

Monitoring deterioration helps achieve a maintenance process customized to the condition of the production equipment.



  • In the auto parts coating process, customers want to prevent quality degradation and lowered yields due to electrode damage and corrosion.
  • Customers are not able to monitor the condition of the electrodes, so they are replaced every 3 years, which is expensive.


  • Data Logging Software GA10 with the Multi-Sensing Remote I/O Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X can easily acquire and monitor data on electrode conditions, enabling you to detect abnormalities and plan maintenance accordingly.


  • Measure 8 channels of analog input in a single unit.
  • Input channels are isolated for reliable measurements even in noisy environments.
  • The VZ20X’s compact size makes it easy to install among existing equipment.

Monitoring damage and corrosion for auto parts coating


Product recommendation

  • Multi-Sensing Remote I/O Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X
    A sample program for system construction is introduced.
    *As of April 2022, the Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X is sold in Asia Pacific and the Middle East areas.
  • Data Logging Software GA10
    60-day free trial is available.

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