Java Execution Blocked.

When using the Java Runtime announced in Partner Portal in certain network environments, the following message is displayed and the monitoring screen used by Java can become unavailable.

Figure 1: Java execution blocked

This is displayed because Internet Explorer blocks execution of an old ActiveX control included in Java Runtime for security reasons.

Normally, the dialog box in figure 2 appears, and you can click Run this time to display the Web monitor.
However, in certain network environments, due to the security policy deployed on clients by the network administrator, this button may not appear.

Figure 2: Java execution blocking confirmation dialog box

If the message in figure 1 appears per the customer's network environment, they can install the latest version of Java Runtime for Recorders and Data Loggers (Java 8 Update 74) to resolve the problem.
Java Runtime for Recorders and Data Loggers *Log-in Required

Note, the version of Java Runtime currently being blocked is on the following page by Microsoft.

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