Single Parameter SENCOM™ SMART Sensor Platform

"One of my top concerns is the service and maintainability of plant assets (equipment or systems)."

“My largest concern is the service and maintainability of our equipment.”

"There is a constant pressure to reduce costs on maintenance”

Many of our customers face these challenges - the SENCOM 4.0 Platform resolves them.

Designed with a strong focus on Yokogawa’s digital SMART sensors, the SENCOM SMART Sensor Platform provides greater insight and enhanced capabilities to deliver more credible data throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The combination of Yokogawa's latest UM33A-S SENCOM indicator system with the SENCOM digital sensor and adapter improved the operation, reliability, and credibility of online process measurements by utilizing the latest sensing technology and asset management tools. The Single Parameter platform solution, UM33A-S, is ideal for small-scale process configuration and is an excellent value for the price.  


SMART Sensor Platform Expert GuideSetup and Configuration Made Simple

Featuring an easy to read 14-segment large color LCD display and clear menu structure, easy-to-understand configuration and alarm settings. The SENCOM 4.0 Platform is designed to help you realize credible and reliable online process control measurements. 

  Environmentally Friendly SMART Sensor PlatformEnvironmentally Friendly Components

Conventional SMART sensors include integrated electronics on top of an analog sensor, so once the sensor reaches the end of its lifetime, the still functioning electronics must also be thrown away, adding to global waste.

The SENCOM 4.0 Platform includes a reusable SMART adapter, so only the analog sensor needs to be disposed of when it reaches the end of its lifetime, resulting in a sustainable solution that reduces costs and waste.

SMART Sensor Platform Maintenance ManagerPerform Maintenance with Efficiency

The Maintenance Manager is a data management system within the FieldMate configuration tool that enables technicians to predict maintenance and calibration frequency, estimate sensor lifetime, and predict life expectancy.

With the SENCOM 4.0 Platform, calibration data is stored within the SMART sensor’s memory chip. FieldMate can calibrate sensor in lab, so no need for calibration in the field.


The SENCOM SMART Sensor System

Multi-Channel/Parameter Analyzer FLXA402Single Parameter HMI UM33A-S

Changing technologies don't have to result in negative consequences putting throughput, quality, and/or compliance at risk. The UM33A-S HMI indicator connects to a digital SMART sensor with the use of the SA11 SENCOM adapter, allowing for quick startup and auto recognization of calibration buffers, reducing downtime and optimizing your maintenance resources.

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Digital SMART SENCOM™ Adapter, SA11

SA11 Smart SENCOM AdapterThe re-useable smart adapter, SA11, offers full measuring parameter functionality of analog sensors equipped with a Variopin connector and Yokogawa ID chip. The SA11 automatically recognizes the installed sensor and prepares the right configuration. 

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Digital SMART Sensor

Possible sensor connection to Digital SMART SENCOM™ Adapter


Optional Mobile Field Device ManagementMobile Field Device Managment (FieldMate)

FieldMate 3.0 is a PC based configuration tool that performs numerous tasks, including initial setup, daily maintenance, troubleshooting, and configuration backup for device replacement.

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IB100 Connection BoxIB100 Connection Box

The IB100 interface box is used for creating a connection between SENCOMTM Smart Sensor Adapter (SA11) and a PC/tablet running the Mobile Feild Device Managment (FieldMate) calibration and maintenance software. The interface box supports the off-line calibration feature SENCOMTM offering flexibility and increases process uptime.

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