Digital SMART SENCOM™ Adapter, SA11

Environmentally Friendly 

Conventional SMART sensors come with integrated electronics on top of an analog sensor. Once the sensor reaches the end of its lifetime, the still functioning electronics must also be thrown away, adding to global waste.

The SENCOM 4.0 platform consists of a reusable SMART adapter, requiring only the analog sensor to be disposed of when it reaches the end of its lifetime. With the SENCOM 4.0 platform, Yokogawa delivers reduced costs and waste while contributing to its long-term business goals of a sustainable future for all.

The reusable smart adapter, SA11, offers full measuring parameter functionality of analog sensors equipped with a Variopin connector and Yokogawa ID chip. The SA11 automatically recognizes the installed sensor and prepares the right configuration. 

Possible sensor connection to Digital SMART SENCOM™ Adapter

Product Overviews


    SENCOM- The Next Generation in SMART Liquid Analyzers

    Yokogawa’s SENCOM SMART Sensor Platform is an innovative analyzer platform that optimizes maintenance, reduces configuration time, and simplifies in-field maintenance and calibration. Yokogawa is a recognized world leader for reliable liquid analytical equipment, providing accurate and repeatable solutions for maintaining and controlling even the most demanding process applications.

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