SCADA Host Migration

Yokogawa is one of a few companies worldwide that is able to successfully execute large SCADA host migration projects, i.e. data item counts in excess of 500,000 points. This advantage plus our robust technology coupled with the knowledge of previous Systems installed within various customers and our overall integration and knowledge of third party systems should give Yokogawa a clear technical advantage.

SCADA Primary Control Center

Yokogawa recognizes the challenge that host migration project represents both in terms of integration and its strategic importance, hence we are committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure that our previous project experiences with latest technology are fully utilized.

  • Our experienced Project Execution Team fully engaged in executing the project based on goal engineering standards and procedures.
  • Providing Fault Tolerant Redundant SCADA solutions to ensure the highest availability currently available on the market. This selection is based on the ease of maintenance in comparison to clustering technology, which has proved to be cumbersome for our customers.
  • Benefiting from the previous experiences of executed projects
    • Using previously established procedures for design data exchange.
    • Using established Engineering Deliverables during FEED and Detail Design enabling smoother Design Reviews and approvals thus optimizing project schedule.
    • Knowledge of the Downstream, Upstream, and Pipeline Process and requirements, making smoother execution.

The Yokogawa FAST/TOOLS is the core of the solution, which meets the important criterions;
Highly Scalable Windows based Solution.

  • Modular design and Object oriented configuration
  • Web-based HMI, rapid deployment and easy to maintain
  • Extensive (management) application portfolios' for the Hydrocarbon market, etc.
  • On-line Configuration, no downtime required to add tags, or integrate applications.
  • Extensive diagnostics and low CPU usage.
  • Multiple communication drivers, with redundancy capability
  • Embedded Archiving / Data Historian. Standard tools for analysis and forecasting.
  • Alarm Management, including Audit Trailing and Playback functions.

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